No means No

I tell my kids no all the time. If we’re at Wal-Mart and they are asking for toys. No. If we are at the grocery store and they are asking for candy. No. If it’s bedtime and they are asking to stay up and watch a little more television. No. No. No. No. Continue reading “No means No”



So, I don’t typically do anything on here food related. I typically focus my advice on bettering the family model, either through financial stability or the process of improved parenting. However, I saw this article up at and I had to share it. It is listed as a summer recipe but the moment I saw this, I started thinking about things that I could cook on the grill this fall.  Continue reading “Kabobs”

Be consistent

If there is one thing that I have learned from working in group homes over the last seven years, it is that children need consistency. This idea is the same in all areas of the child’s development but especially in regards to discipline. Your child will condition itself to follow whatever rules you put in place. When those rules are only sporadically enforced, it can create much confusion in your child. Continue reading “Be consistent”

Make an extra $500 next month

Most of us could think of at least a dozen or more things that we could immediately put $500 towards if it just fell in our lap. There are always extra bills to pay or something coming down the road that will need to be addressed. Maybe a birthday is on the horizon or you just want to start planning next summer’s vacation. However, these chunks of cash don’t typically just appear out of nowhere. Howevver, that does not mean that it isn’t easy to findContinue reading “Make an extra $500 next month”

Madison Mansion

In April of 2005, I was single (nothing wrong with that) with no prospects of a relationship on the horizon, let alone marriage. I had a job that I enjoyed but was making very little money, so I had been living with six other guys in this house in Charleston, IL. We referred to our home as Madison Mansion, though it was far from that. None of us ever cleaned, the back door was typically standing wide open (even at night) and one of the guys used the downstairs bathroom sink to clean his motorcycle parts. The basement was full of asbestos and one of my roommates kept pet rats inside of an old hollowed out television case. Continue reading “Madison Mansion”

A Few Suggestions

People are scratching that entrepreneurial itch everywhere around you but you are afraid to do it yourself. For whatever reason, you are limiting yourself. You have that desire to create something for yourself but do not know where to start. For whatever reason, you have had trouble getting off the ground with a new dream. Maybe you don’t think you’re capable of it. Maybe you haven’t even discovered what it is yet. If you have a dream in life, you need to do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Continue reading “A Few Suggestions”

Start Winning

What are you passionate about and to what lengths would you go to experience those things? For years, I worked in a variety of jobs out of necessity, not really doing anything that I enjoyed but merely surviving. I had to have a job if I wanted to have a home. I needed to have a job if I intended to continue to have a legally licensed vehicle. The jobs weren’t terrible. I worked at McDonald’s flipping burgers. I made headlights at North American Lighting. I put together Oprah magazine at R&R Donnelly’s. I worked in the dairy department for Wal-Mart and even drove a fork truck for Coca Cola for a few months.

Those jobs were fine. They paid the bills. I definitely was not passionate about them. Continue reading “Start Winning”

Draw a line somewhere

I am not saying that we should view our children as nothing more than our subordinates that we boss around all the time. However, in order for our children to develop into responsible adults (that should be every parent’s goal), we have to maintain a decent amount of authority over them. Attempting to be their “best friend” throws all of that out the window. Continue reading “Draw a line somewhere”