Don’t Be Toxic

Everybody has at least one person that they work with who just seems to ruin the workplace experience for everyone else. You know what I’m talking about, right? They are nearly impossible to work with. They never have anything positive to say about anybody else. They hate their jobs and are quick to communicate that to anyone with ears. It makes you wonder why they even wanted to work here in the first place.  Continue reading “Don’t Be Toxic”

Save Some Pennies

We all enjoy eating out, right? Whether it’s a run through some fast food joint or a nice sit down meal at a fancier restaurant, we eat it up (intentional, yet unclever pun). My daughter, in particular, loves to go to Mexican restaurants. She doesn’t even want to eat anything off their menu. She just wants the chips and salsa. We typically end up paying for chicken strips or something like that for her though she rarely ends up eating them.  Continue reading “Save Some Pennies”

Adventures In Parenting – Kevin & Karie Blatnik

Adventures in Parenting takes us into the life of an individual or couple who are currently (or have been) parents in order to get an idea of how they navigate their way through the process of raising up their children. So, here’s how this works. This week’s guests are Kevin & Karie Blatnik. I have provided them with a list of 25 or so questions of which they were instructed to choose five. This will serve as an interview of sorts with the conversation being, for the most part, of their choosing. Continue reading “Adventures In Parenting – Kevin & Karie Blatnik”

The Benefit of Budgeting

Over the last two plus years of blogging here at Strange Life, we have often discussed the problems that come with mismanagement of finances. Most people live paycheck to paycheck and struggle when extra expenses come their way. While it can be difficult to get ahead of this problem, with some solid money management practices it is possible. That is the focus today. We are going to be talking about budgeting and why it is necessary.

Continue reading “The Benefit of Budgeting”

Dos Covers

I am a huge fan of music. I feel like music is the great motivator of people. Think about it. How frequently do you find yourself excited about doing things you would not typically do as long as you have music playing? Exercise immediately comes to mind. I am much more likely to get out and exercise in the mornings if I have some music playing than if it is quiet. Continue reading “Dos Covers”

Improve Your IQ, Focus and Creativity

I had an interview for a job this morning that I think went fairly well. I have already received an invitation for a second interview and will be moving forward with that soon. However, that is not really the point of today. What I wanted to get at here was something that come up during the interview. The lady who was conducting the interview made a comment about the need for continuous education and that got me thinking about the steps that we take (or might not take) to continue to develop our brains as we age.

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