Who are you influencing?

I was driving home from work last night, listening to a Youtube video by Mike Korzemba about Michael Jordan. The content of the video centered on David Thompson, who is a former NBA star who has been, for the most part, forgotten.

However, this dude was the guy who Michael Jordan patterned his game after. So, Korzemba’s point was that the world would not have had Michael Jordan (or at least the version of him that we know) if it had not been for David Thompson. Continue reading “Who are you influencing?”

You Can Kill It In 2020

Well, everyone. That time of the year is quickly approaching. Christmas is nearly over and you all need to settle on a new resolution for the new year. I mean, if you’re into that thing. You know that many people don’t even bother with it. After all, how long do these resolutions even last? Many people won’t even make it through the end of January before they have broken that resolution. Continue reading “You Can Kill It In 2020”

Blessings That Come From Mistakes

Elisa and I got married on January 28th, 2006 at Hurricane Separate Baptist Church, just outside of Charleston, Illinois. Just a few months later, after deciding to start on a family, Elisa gave me the news that she was pregnant. I remember being so excited that day. You know, they say that you shouldn’t really tell anyone until the first trimester has passed but I called my friend Danny to let him know. I was going to be a dad. Continue reading “Blessings That Come From Mistakes”

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