Clean Water

We’ve al been told that we should drink lots of water over the course of a day. Many of us choose to consume other fluids instead but it is ideal for our bodies to be replacing the water content regularly.

However, that poses the question of just how much water should we be drinking? And to that question, the answer varies. I have always heard that a person should shoot for eight glasses of water a day. So, on average, one glass of water about every three hours (assuming that an individual never slept). Yet, that estimate may actually be a little low.

According to, the average male should be consuming as much as 13 glasses of water per day, or approximately 3 liters. For women, that amount is lower at nine glasses of water unless they are breastfeeding which requires closer to twelve. Of course, that number increases if you are outside all day or are struggling with an illness that causes vomiting.

And, all of this information isn’t even the main point of my post today despite the fact that it is all incredibly useful information.

What then, is my point? I don’t often reach the required mark on male water consumption but will often come close at work. It gets so hot in the plant sometimes that I can drink 7 or 8 bottles of water in an eight hour shift.

Yet, this still isn’t really my point.

What I’m really thinking about right now is how readily available clean, drinking water is for me. I can get it at work for free. I can get it from the spout on my refrigerator or from the sink. Heck, I could drink it from the toilet if I was super desperate. It’s just not really a problem to hunt down some water when I get thirsty.

Is that the case for everyone in the world?

A report put out by the CDC sheds some light on the situation. According to this report, 780 million people worldwide are relying on underdeveloped sources for water. Also, 2.5 billion people (35% of the world’s population) live in areas of substandard sanitation.

Relying on underdeveloped water sources for drinking water and sanitation can often lead to intestinal illness or disease within an individual’s digestive system. They approximate 801,000 deaths each year by children under the age of five from diarrheal diseases.

When I get a glass of water from the faucet, I don’t even think about this. I don’t consider that consuming the contents of the glass could lead to my eventual death because it’s not part of my world. You can probably relate. When was the last time you took a drink from a water bottle and thought to yourself, “This could be the end.”

See, there is a lot in life that we can be grateful for. Many things will jump right to the front of your mind if you were asked. But, what about clean drinking water. The more I think about it, the more thankful I become.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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