Cable cutters

When I got my first house, back in 1994, I could not afford anything in my house other than my basic expenses (rent, utilities, ramen noodles, etc…..). Getting cable television in my apartment was out of the question, even if I wanted it. If I wanted to watch WWE wrestling, I went to a friend’s house. If I was bored at home, I just turned on the Super Nintendo and played Griffey baseball. This would pretty much be the case for the next 20 years. I just got used to not having television and then never went back.

Today, it is even easier to go without a ridiculously high cable bill with all the online streaming options that there are on the market. In our home, we stream Netflix through our Xbox 360 and that takes care of pretty much all of our entertainment needs.

It is amazing to me that people still pay so much money on television. In his article on cable cutting, Trent Hamm tells us that, “the average American cable bill is $100 per month.” That’s the average, mind you: many people pay more than that, and some pay substantially more. Such a bill adds up to well over a thousand dollars a year.”

All of that money for relatively little television actually worth watching. Just imagine what all you could do with $1,000 dollars extra at the end of the year. Having trouble imagining that? Check out this link. Personally, that money makes for a nice little mini-vacation. Living out here in Illinois, I would take that money and head to Chicago for a few days.

As I am preparing to move to Virginia, that money would make some nice beach money. Of course, I do not actually get an extra $1,000 because I do not have a cord to cut.

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