Sushi & John Goodman

The boys in my house have been hounding me for a couple of weeks now for a trip out somewhere awesome before I move. Our schedule was empty for last night so we decided that it was time to take off. Now, one of my absolute favorite things to eat is sushi. It really doesn’t matter what kind of sushi. I will eat it all. However, my absolute favorite sushi is the Spicy Tuna Roll from Zuki in Evansville, IN.

This was my fifth trip over to Zuki over the last two years but none of the boys in my house had ever gone. For those of you who have never been to Zuki, you need to check it out. Here is an excerpt from their websites about page:

Zuki Japanese Hibachi Grill & Sushi Lounge has been in operation serving the tri-state area and beyond since January 2007. After its expansion in January 2010, it now has a total seating capacity of 200. The dining area is divided into 3 sections: the Hibachi, which consist of 8 hibachi grill tables, Sushi Lounge, and Yakitori. The second Zuki location opened up on July 2014.

Anyways, the boys loved everything else. The hibachi experience was awesome. My friend Scott went with us as well and we had an interesting conversation about a hidden blessing that comes from the hibachi experience.

See, when you sit down at a hibachi, you can plan on being there for quite a while. We sat down for dinner around 5:30 PM and were finish up our meal at 7:00 PM. You are also often seated next to people that are not a part of your dinner party so you are sharing a table with strangers. Some people would not look forward to spending an hour and half with people they did not know but I love it.

Most dinner experiences revolve around conversation leading up to the meal which often takes no more than 15 to 29 minutes at most. Then, you eat and leave. Here (unless you sit awkwardly quiet), you are given an opportunity to have an authentic and lengthy conversation, both with your own party and with those who are sitting with you. Another added bonus is the interaction that you have with your chef who is there cooking as you eat.

Long story short, the hibachi was a success with the boys.

After the meal, we drove across town to the AMC theater to catch JJ Abrams’ new film, 21 Cloverfield Lane.

I won’t say much about the movie here so that I don’t spoil the movie for anyways, It is sufficient to say, however, that I have never seen John Goodman in a role like this one.

It was nice to spend one more evening in Evansville before we head east.

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