It’s that Tin Fish…


Tomorrow, I will be 40 years of age. Many people dread leaving their thirties behind but I am not counted among that number. I have high hopes for my forties. We will be starting a new job in a few weeks that will also place us in a new home and a new state. Spring is here and all things are new again.

Tonight, to celebrate my aging process, Elisa and I took a trip over to Newburgh, IN to try out a restaurant that we had never eaten at. We have lived in Carmi for six years now but never made it over to Newburgh despite many people urging us to give it a shot. I definately should not have waited this long to make the trip.


Earlier today, I googled the best place to eat fish in the Evansville area and it listed this place, The Tin Fish, as one of the top two or three spots. It took me forever to find the place as the parking for the building is not on the main street. However, that was really the only downside to the evening as this place was amazing!


When you first walk in, there are just a few tables for seating and the counter area where you place your order. I was unaware of all of the downstairs seating so this place looked super small at first. Elisa ordered a salmon & fries with a lemon drop martini. I ordered a lobster & crab bisque, some mini crab cakes & a grilled Mahi Mahi taco with a Coke. I was not nearly as hungry as I thought that I was.


Once we discovered the downstairs seating area, it became a no-brainer where we would sit. This guy was playing “Brown-Eyed Girl” when we first got to our seats and continued to play a bunch of classic 60’s and 70’s rock. He played the harmonica as well as the guitar.


My meal came to me in stages. First up was the Crab & Lobster Bisque. This was so good. I probably could have just had two or three more of these and called it a night. The flavor of the seafood was heavy throughout the bisque but there were chunks of meat on the bottom as well. Spectacular!


Next up was the crab cakes. The white-ish looking stuff on the plate was tartar sauce. I think tartar sauce is pretty disgusting so I stuck with the cocktail sauce and was finishing this up right around the time that they brought out…..


my grilled Mahi Mahi taco and fries. These fries were amazing. They were seasoned in something that gave them a very unique taste but the taco was on point.

I have to tell you guys, you need to find some time to make a trip over to this little restaurant. It was worth the drive for me.

Oh, and one more thing…..

Here’s a picture of my son hanging out with the Easter Bunny.


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