I Lied About My Age….

I have a confession to make. I lied about my age. All day long, I have been allowing people to wish me a Happy 40th Birthday. As a matter of fact, we have been lying about my age on the 26th of March for the past forty years. For this, I apologize. Now, this apology isn’t necessarily from the bottom of my heart as that is reserved for apologies that are necessary and not done in jest. However, the apology exists for those who would like to claim it. Now, I will explain.

It all started on March 26th, 1976 in a hospital in Olney, IL (you might know this place as the home of the white squirrels…. Olney, not the hospital). From what I have been told, it was cold and rainy though I don’t remember much about the night. The families of George Edward Strange and Mary Louise Strange awaited the arrival of a child. All was as it was supposed to be.

Ed Strange had made a bet with some co-workers that I would be born on the 26th. The object of the bet: a case of beer (possibly Old Milwaukee, my dad’s brand of choice). What my father’s co-workers were unaware of was information that my father had received from the doctor ahead of time. If I was not born naturally on the 26th they would induce labor making this bet as close to a sure thing as there was.

Yet, here they were. Midnight was closing in. Seconds ticked by and turned into minutes. Midnight passed into the 27th and there was still no bouncing baby boy. As a matter of fact, thirty or more minutes passed before I made my appearance (I have always had a tendency to be a little slow moving).

My father pulled the doctor aside to explain his dilemma. The doctor understood the great need. The time of date on my birth certificate: 11:59 PM, Friday, March 26th, 1976. Mission accomplished.

So, there it is. For the 200+ people (thank you to everyone) on facebook who wished me a Happy Birthday today. You were all just a bit early with your good wishes. I will be eagerly awaiting you all to message me again tomorrow.

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  1. I must make a correction to this story. If your father told you the details of the tale, he may have embellished a tad…..just for effect. The truth of the matter is, that you were indeed actually born on March 27th, but it was only by 1-2 minutes, not 30. You were born pretty close to the stroke of midnight,


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