04/24/16 – Random Virginia Road Trip #1

For the past fifteen years, I have had been doing this thing that I have referred to as “Random Road Trips” as a way to discover new things and places. I started these trips back when I lived in Flora, IL and recently began taking them again with the boys at the Baptist Children’s Home as a way of discovering new places. I did not know what to expect with those boys as I had never really done these random trips with anyone other than myself.

They loved them!

Okay, so here’s how a Random Road Trip works. Obviously, it is completely random. At this point, you might ask, “How do you randomize a road trip? You would have to have some sort of destination right? You couldn’t just drive somewhere without any input.” Here is how this goes. In order for the trip to be truly random, the driver has to have no input whatsoever in regards to the destination. In order to do that, there has to be some other deciding factor that makes those decisions for you. In my system, those factors are stop signs and my trucks clock.

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There are famous dead people in my back yard.

One of the things that I was most excited about in regards to moving out to Virginia was all of the history that we would get to take in. The east coast of America is pretty rich with it. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, you are constantly being presented with a part of our nation’s history. Also, much of this requires very little driving in order to see it.

One case in particular presented itself last night. Sydney and I went out for a walk to check out the Patrick Henry Memorial and see what all was there.

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That old saying….

There is an old saying that I am sure everyone has heard that says, “You never know what you have until it is gone.”

How true are these words?

Have any of you ever experienced a long move before? If you have, you know exactly what I am saying right now. You replace jobs. You move into new homes. You acquire new things and find new favorite places to eat (La Carreta in Lynchburg, VA).

You never replace family and friends. How can you?

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Have a good night…. if you can.

My sister and their husband just had a baby a few weeks ago. He is not their first child so there are no new parent issues or anything like that (I remember being terrified with my first child that I would find some way to kill her or something). He also seems to be the perfect child in regards to the small amount of fussing that comes out of him for being new to this world.

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Today has been a pretty busy day….


I got up today at 7:05 in the AM, just like every other Tuesday morning. Nothing spectacular about the time. I set my alarm for 6:45 every day but I snooze twice. Gotta love routine. I made my way over to the closet and grabbed a t-shirt, just like every other Tuesday morning. Then, just as I do every other morning of my week, I made my way over to the boy’s side of the house to wake them all up. Continue reading “Today has been a pretty busy day….”

What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?

That is a question that I have heard many times over the course of the last six years. It is not a question that is asked of me frequently but one that I hear at work a lot. I work at a children’s home for teens with behavioral issues. Before we even accept a child into our program, we have an interview with the family in our home.

The intake therapist who conducts the interview always asks that question to the prospective resident. What are your fears?

Some of the boys we interview will say that they are afraid of spiders, or snakes, or even death. Many of them, if they’re really honest, might even list a fear or rejection or that their parents will not stay together, etc….

I have asked myself that question many times over the years that I have been here. What am I afraid of? I cannot really relate with many of the fears that these boys have. I am not really afraid of anything that people might normally fear. I am not even really afraid of death which is what many people struggle with.

In order to get a better idea of what kinds of things many adults find themselves afraid of, I started reading up on phobias. I found an interesting article on fears and phobias that lists what they believe to be the top 100 things that people fear. Some of them are common fears such as the fear of spiders or heights. Many people are afraid of dogs as well.

I read down through this list but could not honestly identify anything there that I was afraid of either.

Then, one day it hit me. I heard someone talking about how anxious they feel when they are in water but cannot see their feet. You know, like swimming in a pond. And, I knew that was me. I have this irrational anxiety that comes over me when I am swimming in water but cannot see what is below me.

The last time this happened was in the creek behind my house. The water was way up due to flooding and the boys wanted to swim in an area of the creek that was much deeper than normal. There was a log that went out over the creek that everyone was jumping off of into the water. I walked out across the log and jumped into the water.

I remember immediately being filled with anxiety over what might be below me in the water. I knew it was irrational to feel this way but there was a panic in my mind that compelled me to immediately get out of the water. As far as I remember, that was the last time I was in merky water.

Sounds silly doesn’t it.

I would agree. It does seem silly but at the same time, I am in no hurry to get back in the creek again…. ever….

So, how about you? What is your biggest fear?

Comment below and let me know.


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