Today has been a pretty busy day….


I got up today at 7:05 in the AM, just like every other Tuesday morning. Nothing spectacular about the time. I set my alarm for 6:45 every day but I snooze twice. Gotta love routine. I made my way over to the closet and grabbed a t-shirt, just like every other Tuesday morning. Then, just as I do every other morning of my week, I made my way over to the boy’s side of the house to wake them all up.

Today is the last day of my workweek and the relief house parents (I work at a group home.) will be coming on duty in an hour.

The boys get up and have breakfast as I begin to gather my thoughts for the day. Today is a school day for me. I am in week four of my final college class of my ridiculously too long college career. There’s one thing that I have to do today and it will take up an hour or more of my morning.

Beyond that, today is going to be a busy day.


In 10 more days, I will be pulling all of my earthly possessions into the driveway of my new home in Virginia. We have been packing and cleaning for weeks but there is still quite a bit left to do. Today, I worked on the shed again. There are things in that shed that we never unpacked when we arrived here six years ago.

Elisa is taking her bike to Dan’s Comp in Mt. Vernon, IN to get the tires fixed this afternoon. I spent a little time getting those tires off.

The kids needed help with things.

There were items to pick up in the office.

You get the idea. Life is busy.

Now, I am not complaining about my day. Please do not get the impression that I am not grateful for having days available to get all these things done in. It just occurred to me that, once again, I have found myself with a packed day and it made me think of a video I watched a couple of days ago that I thought I would share.

Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Media Group, put up this video that he refers to as his daily nudge that lays out the dangers of being busy.

After watching this video, it occured to me that it is not necessarily a bad thing to be a busy person. There are things that need to be done. My job will not do itself so it has to be addressed. My property will not move itself to Virginia so Elisa and I have to work at it. Our goal should be to get these things done so that we can focus on things that are more important.

Our friends, Adam & Jessica, have invited us to come over and have dinner with them tonight so we can visit one more time before the move. These are just amazing people who we have been blessed to have in our lives. It is maintaining relationships with people like them that is truly important. So, I’ll stay busy this afternoon and get as much of today sorted out as I can and tonight, I will relax with friends.


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