That old saying….

There is an old saying that I am sure everyone has heard that says, “You never know what you have until it is gone.”

How true are these words?

Have any of you ever experienced a long move before? If you have, you know exactly what I am saying right now. You replace jobs. You move into new homes. You acquire new things and find new favorite places to eat (La Carreta in Lynchburg, VA).

You never replace family and friends. How can you?

We officially moved (more of that story this week, it was mad crazy) on Thursday and Friday of last week. So, we have been in Virginia for four days now. There are some wonderful people here and everyone is super nice. However, none of them are our Carmi friends. God bless you guys for the love and friendship that you have given us.

The focus of my blog will be changing from this point on. I have much to do and many things to see out here. I will be sharing it all so, as I discover the east coast, you will be my companions. I plan to post interesting things that I find online as well as life lessons and advice but my default will always be to return to my travels.

For you Illinoisians who shared the first 40 years of my life with me there, I encourage you to keep up with my blog. This is my way of staying connected with you. Read my posts and comment often.

I leave you all with a few pictures of our last couple of days in Carmi as we prepared to begin our packing.

Many of my kid’s friends either spent Sunday hanging out with us at the church or came by our house Monday and Tuesday night to say goodbye.

Our home church, Carmi First Baptist, threw a little party for us on Sunday after church. Tim and Michelle Tuley were there as well. They have come with us to work at Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Home as our relief house parents.

Then, on Tuesday night, Jim and Chris Totten took us out to Tequilas for dinner. It was nice to get away from all the packing and enjoy a meal. They are such wonderful people and have been a blessing to Elisa and I.


Alright, that’s it for now. In the immortal words of Linda Hartsey, “Come back when you can’t stay so long and don’t take any wooden nickels.”

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  1. Love all your posts. This one is especially bittersweet. I’m so looking forward to experiencing all your new adventures through your words and pictures. In the immortal words of Linda Hartsey…..Hahahha….I hope she is subscribed.


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