A Better Star Wars???

Now, I am about as big of a Star Wars (the original trilogy in particular) fan as you can find so do not take this post as a criticism of one of cinemas greatest achievements. It is not that.

I was introduced to the guys at Bad Lip Reading by one of my former residents about a year or two ago and have been watching their videos ever since. The videos that they made for the original Star Wars trilogy cracked me up and I wanted to share them with you all. Continue reading “A Better Star Wars???”

Be thankful

I read an article one time on the discipline of gratitude. It was suggested in this article that we should spend time every day listing at least 5 things that we are grateful for. I have done this in the past in my personal journal but I thought I would take some time on here this evening to share a few with you.

Continue reading “Be thankful”

Appomattox Court House

Back on May 12th, my family and I went for a drive over to Appomattox, Virginia to check out the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. The drive was only about 45 minutes from our house to the park and made for a nice little afternoon trip for the kids.

Sydney learned about the significance of Appomattox Court House in school this year so she was excited about getting to come see it in person. It was actually one of the places that she said she wanted to see in Virginia before we even moved out here. We were able to spend a few hours in the park before it closed down and got to check out all of the buildings except one. Continue reading “Appomattox Court House”

Walking and pizza

So, it has rained here off and on for about two weeks now. Elisa was joking yesterday that I tricked her and we really moved to Seattle instead of Virginia because of all of the rain. It is not a constant rain but has been enough to annoy me. However, in between the rainfall, I have been making a stronger effort to get out and exercise. Now, by exercise, I mean that I am walking quite a bit more. I have not quite built myself up to do anything other than that but it is still effective in getting me out of the house and active. Continue reading “Walking and pizza”

20 posts…..

Okay, yesterday was my 20th post which, from what I have read, is kind of a bar to reach for a young blogger. Of course, when I say young, I mean in experience, not age. So, that has been my goal to this point. I just wanted to get 20 posts out there and see how it went. So far, so good. Though I do not post on a regular schedule like I should, I have definately enjoyed the experience thus far. I hope the same can be said for you.

I thought I would spend this post highlighting a few statistics from my first 20 posts to let you know how things are going so far. Continue reading “20 posts…..”

Catching up…..

So, I have been incredibly inconsistent with my posting for the past few weeks and I wanted to apologize to anyone who might actually be interested in how frequently I post on here.

Our work schedule has been fairly hectic and irregular over the past two weeks as we are shuffling our days on and off with another couple to get them some time away for a wedding. Something is going on with my laptop that is causing it to not communicate well with our Wi-Fi so I am relegated to only posting from the office computer. When I am on duty, this is not much of a problem. However, I had the last seven days off so…. no posting on the old blog took place.

However, I got the opportunity to do a handful of incredibly blog-worthy things this past week that I want to share over the next few days. The first of which was my family’s trip to Peaks of Otter up in Bedford, Virginia. Oh my gosh. Such a good time.  Continue reading “Catching up…..”

A healthier me…. and you.

I have had so many moments in my life (many of them after I got married) where I have decided that I was going to make some changes that I have lost count. Change can be a good thing right? As long as it is a change that is beneficial. Why, then, is it so hard for me to make changes?

Is it too hard? Am I too weak?

Some changes come easy for me. The decision to move was an easy change to make because I wanted to move. The decision to have children (though I was still a little reluctant about the timing) was an easy one to make because I have always wanted to have a family. The decision to marry Elisa was a no-brainer. Spend five minutes around her and you will understand completely.


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