Be thankful

I read an article one time on the discipline of gratitude. It was suggested in this article that we should spend time every day listing at least 5 things that we are grateful for. I have done this in the past in my personal journal but I thought I would take some time on here … More Be thankful

Walking and pizza

So, it has rained here off and on for about two weeks now. Elisa was joking yesterday that I tricked her and we really moved to Seattle instead of Virginia because of all of the rain. It is not a constant rain but has been enough to annoy me. However, in between the rainfall, I … More Walking and pizza

20 posts…..

Okay, yesterday was my 20th post which, from what I have read, is kind of a bar to reach for a young blogger. Of course, when I say young, I mean in experience, not age. So, that has been my goal to this point. I just wanted to get 20 posts out there and see … More 20 posts…..

Catching up…..

So, I have been incredibly inconsistent with my posting for the past few weeks and I wanted to apologize to anyone who might actually be interested in how frequently I post on here. Our work schedule has been fairly hectic and irregular over the past two weeks as we are shuffling our days on and … More Catching up…..

Don’t be in denial….

Last night, I was reading this article entitled, “Five Signs You’re In Debt Denial” by Stefanie Oconnell. In this article, she unpacks what most of America is dealing with on a day to day basis. How do I get out of all of this debt?