o4/30/16 – Random Virginia Road Trip #2

Okay. I wrote about my family and I’s road trip from last week and I hope you all got to see the pictures that we took from the Staunton River Battlefield Memorial Site. That was definately a neat trip.

This time around, we headed south towards North Carolina. I was on duty to work on Saturday so the three boys who were home with me got to tag along. Here’s the breakdown of our trip.

Stop #1: Lester’s Food Market outside of Brookneal, VA


Every good road trip starts with a cold beverage. It’s like my friend, Justin Duval, always says, “You can’t really relax without a cold one.” So, we all went into Lester’s food mart here to stock up on sodas for the trip.

Stop #2: The Banister River which is part of the Roanoke River Watershed

From there, we drove south through Brookneal and made our way towards Halifax. Just north of Halifax, Virginia sits the Banister River. This river is a tributary of the Dan River and is a part of the Roanoke River watershed, which flows all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

These boys love to fish. That is about the only thing that they ever want to do besides go to the gym. So, the opportunity to stop here and fish was to great to pass up. Nobody actually caught any fish but the time spent was enough for them. We were here for about an hour before moving on down the road.

Stop #3: Pino’s Pizza in Halifax, VA

If you are ever in Halifax and you’re looking for a place to eat, this is it. Such good food. And, they serve more than just pizza here as well. I had jumbo shrimp scampi and Caleb was the only one that even ate pizza.

When we left, the lady working pulled me aside and said, “These are probably the best behaved group of boys that I have ever seen.” They were on pretty good behavior for the day and the compliment was much appreciated.

Stop #4: North Carolina state line


Stop #5: Mayo River State Park


The last stop of the day was about 15 or so minutes into North Carolina. We discovered this place called Mayo Park. By this point, the boys were getting tired of driving and really just wanted to do something. We spent quite a bit of time checking out the trails that wound around the lake and through the woods.

This place also had a really nice campground so I plan on bringing my family back down here sometime to do some camping.

All in all…. excellent trip.

Thanks for reading everyone. If you think to, share this on your social media and comment below.

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