A healthier me…. and you.

I have had so many moments in my life (many of them after I got married) where I have decided that I was going to make some changes that I have lost count. Change can be a good thing right? As long as it is a change that is beneficial. Why, then, is it so hard for me to make changes?

Is it too hard? Am I too weak?

Some changes come easy for me. The decision to move was an easy change to make because I wanted to move. The decision to have children (though I was still a little reluctant about the timing) was an easy one to make because I have always wanted to have a family. The decision to marry Elisa was a no-brainer. Spend five minutes around her and you will understand completely.


Yet, not all changes come easy for me.

I guess it really depends on my motivations. See, the changes that I made were things that I really wanted. At 18, I really was not interested in school. All I wanted was to find someone to spend my life with and start on a family. Oh, and by the way, college did come eventually. I just finished up my last class this week. That’s right…. a college graduate is this guy.

The decision to have children was an easy one to make once I saw how much Elisa wanted to start on a family. I wanted children. Like I said earlier, I was worried about the timing with both of our kids but I got through that pretty easily.

Moving to Virginia was easy for me as well. I have wanted to move out of Illinois for years now and see a different part of the country. When Patrick Henry Family Service contacted me about the house parenting position here, I was on board pretty quickly.

These changes were easy because they were things that I already wanted to do. What about the things that are not so easy?

One of those things is staying healthy.

This winter, I settled in at about 230 pounds. This is a far cry from the 160-ish that I spent a large chunk of my 20’s at and has started to become problematic for me. I reached a point this winter where, any time that I bent over to tie my shoes, I would run out of breath. Something has to change.

I mentioned earlier that moving to Virginia was easy for me. That was not necessarily the case for my entire family. My kids both had friendships back home that was hard to move away from. They have continued to keep in touch with their friends via facetime but that is not really the same. My wife had really settled into life in Carmi and was not happy with the move. She had developed some incredibly strong friendships that was a sacrifice for her to leave.

Then there is family. My children only lived an hour from Papa Lonnie and Grandma Mary’s house. Now, we are over 600 miles away. How can you make that kind of change without sacrifice and regret?

Elisa pulled me aside one night. “Zach, I will make a deal with you. We will make this move to Virginia under one condition. You have to get serious about your health and lose some weight.” Now, the thing you have to understand about my wife is that, this is not about me being fat or her being embarrassed about my apperance. I am eight years older than she is and she wants me to be healthy and live for a few more years.

So, I agreed. We would move to Virginia and I would lose 50 pounds.

However, I hate exercise so much. This is not to say that I will not do it. It just is not an easy change for me to make. I like to walk and I spend 45 minutes of most mornings walking in the gym. I don’t mind lifting weights but I get tired pretty quickly and shut down.

What I really hate is crunches, planking and anything that involves working out my abs. Forget that business.

One thing that has come somewhat easy is changing my eating habits. No more fried food for this guy. Anytime I eat somewhere that offers a salad, I am buying it. I have been drinking much less soda (though I have a Coke sitting right next to me) than before. I try to only eat chicken and fish for my meats. These changes are easier for me to make so I started with them.

The Simple Dollar had an excellent article up yesterday on 25 different foods that a person should always keep on hand in their home. Many, if not all of them, would be considered healthy or at least a healthier alternative to what you might currently eat. I encourage you, if you are in a similar position as myself, to click on this link and check it out. Trent Hamm has a lot of good advice in this article.

Alright, I am done for now. I hope you all have a super-blessed day and week. Don’t forget, drop a comment on this article so we can interact on this. I look forward to the conversation. If that’s not your deal, share the link on your facebook and help me get my thoughts out there. Thanks.

12 thoughts on “A healthier me…. and you.

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  1. So glad you have decided to stick around a few more years. 🙂
    How long have I been saying that it is time to get my health back? We have discussed this a number of times. God has blessed me with great health, and the issues I am currently having are what I have done to myself. Because, I love food. All of it. I’m not a stress eater, or eat when I am bored, or upset. I just love to eat!! But I love my family more. I want to be around awhile longer too. I want to be at my grandchildren’s graduations and weddings and rock those great-grandbabies.
    So I am on board with you. I have actually made some changes already. About a month, I went to a Chiropractor who also is a Neuro practitioner. She stresses brain balance and healthy eating. I have lost 10 lbs. I will do it this time. Now and then, I will eat a cookie. But, never again will I allow myself to let my eating be out of control.
    My breathing is already SO much better. I am walking again, and who know? Running may be next.
    I love you!!!!


    1. I’m so proud of you mom. You aren’t afraid to set goals and go for them. You have made more life changes in your 50’s than many people make in their entire life and you just keep going.

      You’re an inspiration to anyone who knows you.


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