Walking and pizza

So, it has rained here off and on for about two weeks now. Elisa was joking yesterday that I tricked her and we really moved to Seattle instead of Virginia because of all of the rain. It is not a constant rain but has been enough to annoy me. However, in between the rainfall, I have been making a stronger effort to get out and exercise. Now, by exercise, I mean that I am walking quite a bit more. I have not quite built myself up to do anything other than that but it is still effective in getting me out of the house and active.

Two days ago, I walked over to Red Hill to explore a little bit. I had been over there already with my kids but there was a part of the plantation that I had yet to see. Just past the blacksmith forge, there is a road that moves north and down a hill towards the railroad tracks. It was at the tracks that I discovered this gate.


This gate sits on the north end of the plantation, just before you hit the railroad tracks. The road does not go through the gates anymore and there is no fence here.

Just the gates.

Have you ever been somewhere before and tried to imagine who all else has been there ahead of you? See, I do that sometimes. I often think that it would be neat to see or know who all had been in a particular location.

There was a little island in the middle of the Little Wabash River outside of Louisville, IL where I grew up. My cousin, Caleb, and I along with my sister would often go down to the island to hang out. I remember the first time I found the place. I was convinced that no one had ever been here before. Surely, we were the first to discover this place. This understanding grew in my mind despite the fact that someone had already made a stone bridge to it from the shore that we crossed over on.

Sometimes, I try to imagine who all else might have been down a particular road or path that I am on. Who else has enjoyed the view of a particular field of flowers that I might see. Knowing the history of Red Hill, I am certain that I can imagine who else has walked through this gate.

See, just on the other side of this gate were tobacco fields that were worked by slave labor during Patrick Henry’s time here. They worked these fields and lived on this land. I just had to take this picture. I sat there for quite a while just taking in this understanding of who has passed between these stone posts before me.

Wow, okay…..

On a lighter note, a friend of mine suggested that I use my blog space tonight to compare St. Louis pizza with Chicago style pizza and New York style pizza. I have never actually eaten a New York style pizza (just added it to the bucket list) but I have had St. Louis and Chicago style pizza and I think I have to go with the St. Louis style pizza as my favorite.

For anyone who might still be reading at this point, Chicago style is a thick crust pizza where as the St. Louis style pizza is super thin and cut into squares instead of slices. For any of you who live near a DiMaggio’s, this would be St. Louis style. I personally prefer the thin crust to the deep dish pizza as it is far less messy. I have a beard and struggle to keep food out of it.

Now, if you are interested in trying each of these two types of pizza, I would like to make a couple of suggestions. Depending upon where you live, these two places could potentially be quite a bit of distance to drive but each of them are excellent places to eat and vouch for them based on personal experience.

Zach’s favorite Chicago style pizza place: Chicago’s Pizza in French Lick, IN. If you are ever over in French Lick, this is a place that you need to stop and check out. It is a small restaurant with excellent food and service. AND, they do the Chicago style, deep dish pizza to perfection.

Zach’s favorite St. Louis style pizza place: PW Pizza in St. Louis. I went to this place with Michael Anderson, Quentin Bachelor and the Bushman family after a trip to the City Museum one afternoon. It was amazing and is still quite possibly my favorite pizza dive of all time.

So, there you have it. Life is moving along well in Virginia. We are back to work and will be on for the next 11 days before packing our bags and heading back to Illinois for a long visit.

You know the drill…..

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