Patrick Henry Family Services

On April 14th, 2016, I backed my truck up the little pop up camper that my wife and I bought last year, latched onto the hitch and drove away from the last six years of our lives. We had worked as house parents at Baptist Children’s Home in Carmi, IL for a little over half of a decade. 

For anyone who is wondering, we did not leave on bad terms or anything like that. BCH was a wonderful place for us during the time we spent there. Sydney was three years old when we arrived in Carmi and Caleb was born while we were there. Carmi was pretty much all my children had ever known.

We didn’t necessarily feel like we needed to leave there and my family was somewhat reluctant to make the move. However, there was something appealing about the opportunity to try something new. Virginia is not much like Illinois at all. We traded in flat farm ground for rolling hills and mountains. It is exciting. It is new.

It has led to a regular question from friends of mine on social media.

What in the world are you doing now?

This video explains it all.


10 thoughts on “Patrick Henry Family Services

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