How To Write Great Content

So…. I have never considered myself to be an exceptionally good writer. I love the idea of writing but often find myself without anything interesting to say. This is not a new thing. I have always wanted to write. I remember attempting to write a book when I was around 12 or 13 years old […]

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Elisa and I sat down last night after everyone went to bed. We try to spend about an hour or so, every night, just relaxing together. The nature of our job requires us to be around children pretty much from the time we wake up until when they go to bed so what little time […]

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Time to Declutter

Do you ever look at your desk and just sigh about all of the things that you have let pile up? It’s as if there simply is no place in the world for any of this stuff to sit than exactly where it has been placed but it also needs to be moved to a […]

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I am trying out another guest post today and I think you will be blessed by what you are about to read. It is short but cuts right to the point. The author is a good friend of mine who my wife and I worked with at the Baptist Children’s Home in Illinois. When Elisa and […]

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Diving In

Well, our vacation is over. We’re all back in Virginia and settled into our home here in Brookneal. It was great to get to see all of my family and friends while we were on the road. However, as much fun as traveling is, it’s always nice to settle back into normal life. That is […]

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So Gross…

Alright, I already posted today but I watched this video and had to share it. This guy let 1,000 bed bugs feed on his arm to create what resembled a tatoo of a rabbit. 

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