First Stop…. Lexington, KY

I woke up this morning to breakfast in bed.

Bacon…. Check.

Eggs…… Check.

Biscuits and Gravy…… Check.

Potatoes and ketchup….. Check.

Beautiful and amazing woman in bed next to me….. Check. (I love my wife so much.)

Yesterday was a long drive to get us to our motel in Lexington. We arrived here around 11:00 last night and pretty much just crashed into our beds. Elisa got up early with the kids this morning and took them downstairs to the lobby for breakfast. However, I slept in. Content to skip breakfast in favor of the extra sleep, I was more than surprised that breakfast had come to me.

The kids quickly came clamoring for the pool. So, we made our way downstairs to the outdoor pool. Sydney and Caleb played for about an hour in water that was probably to cold to enjoy. However, you couldn’t tell from looking at their faces that it was anything other than the perfect temperature.


I’m sitting in the lobby currently. There is a group of women sitting across from me that appear to be making plans for a wedding and an older gentleman who may be with them or may just be creeping in on their conversation. A woman with a squeeky shoe keeps walking past me in the hallway. I am consuming the final drops of the $1.50 can of Coke that I purchased at the front desk and connecting with you.

I am excited about what today brings. We will be getting back on the road this morning for another 5 to 6 hours until we hit Florrisant, Missouri. One of Elisa’s older sisters lives there and that is where our vacation will begin. I always enjoy staying out at Kevin and Angie’s house there in Florissant and we get to spend two nights with them. The kids asked me this morning if we get to do anything fun while we are in the city. I oringally told them that we might go to the City Museum but now I am wondering if it would be better to just spend the day at the zoo. Either way, the kids will have fun but the zoo is amazing. Of course, so is the City Museum. St. Louis is such a fun place.

Alright, the Coke is finished. Check out time is in thirty minutes and I have nothing left to say for now.

See you back on the road.

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