When you’re hungry in Kentucky….

The place to stop to eat is definitely Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago in Louisville. I had read about this place online a few months back and thought that I would give it a try the next time I was passing through Kentucky.

We had about 4 hours left on our trip to Missouri when we passed through Louisville and decided it was a good enough time to eat. I am so glad we did. My kids got chicken nuggets and pizza. Elisa got a couple of hamburgers. I had read that the real prize of this establishment was the spicy Italian beef sandwich. Oh my gosh. Amazing.

Lonnie and his wife, married for 35 years, moved to Louisville from Chicago back in 1996 and decided to bring a bit of the Windy City with them. In Chicago, they owned a place called Lonnie’s Palate Pleasers on the south side of the city. Five years after relocating to Louisville, Lonnie opened up his new restaurant.


If you are ever passing through the Louisville, KY area and you need a bite to eat, I would highly recommend that you stop here.

Alright people, it’s getting late and I’m off to bed. Tomorrow, we’re taking the kids to the zoo. I am sure you will hear back from me in the evening.

In the meantime, spend a little time on the blog, comment on something, share it with your friends via facebook, linkedin or twitter. Go ahead, you know you want to.




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