He was so heartless….

Okay, so this post is not necessarily related to anything that I am experiencing currently and also probably does not offer anyone any kind of advice on ways to improve their lives. However, I felt that it was something that was definately worth sharing as it absolutely amazed me when I read it. 

The article that I am linking here is about a man, named Stan Larkin, who lived without a heart for 555 days. His heart quit working on him and there was no available transplant. So, they removed his heart, put a machine inside of him that would continue to pump his blood and regulate his body and then sent him back home.

Did you get that? Stan went back home without a heart in his body.

He walked around with a backpack that was attached to a hose that went into his body and powered this machine. This dude just went on living his life like a normal person. He would hang out with his kid. He would play pickup games of basketball with his friends. He did all of these things WITHOUT A HEART!!!

Sometimes, I get to feeling a little sorry for myself when my depression starts to get the best of me. I need to remind myself, when times are a little rough, that I at least did not have to live for a year and a half without a heart in my body. How scary would that be?

Okay, so, like I said… no pictures of my family (sorry mom) and no advice that might change your life forever. However, I hope that this story of an extremely brave young man gives you as much of a lift as it did to me.

On a personal note, tomorrow is my last day in Illinois before heading back to Virginia. It has been nice to see everyone that has made it over to visit. Thursday morning, we will be getting back on the road for home.

Peace and …… out.

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