Swimming Pools and Birth Certificates

So… I have lived on this planet for forty years and change and have, up to this point, done so without an official birth certificate. I am entirely uncertain as to how I have functioned for twenty adult years without having this document in my possession as it seems that you need to have one for most things. 

The need for this certificate of birth became an issue when attempting to get my Virginia driver’s license. Apparently, you can get a driver’s license in Illinois without having to prove that you were actually born. However, this is not the case in Virginia. Since we were back in Illinois visiting during the past week or so, I thought it would be a good time to pay Olney, IL a visit and get my personal files updated a bit.

Elisa was taking off for one last afternoon with friends in Carmi so the rest of us took off with mom for Olney. After spending a reasonably short amount of time attempting to locate the County Clerk’s office (it is not in the court house) and a $17 dollar fee, I became the proud owner of a more secure identify.

With all of this excitement in the rear-view mirrow, we decided to do something considerably less stimulating by going to the city pool. The kids, who had been very patient up to this point, were more than ready to get in the water and today could not have been more perfect for swimming. The sky was a little overcast so the sun was not bearing down on us the entire time. The water was not cold but was cool enough to be comfortable.

While we were there, we bumped into an old friend, Raley Burt. It was good to get to talk to her and the kids were glad to see her as well.

All in all, it was an excellent day.

Tomorrow, we get back on the road for Virginia. I am not looking forward to the drive but I am somewhat ready to be back to work. It has been a nice vacation and I have enjoyed seeing everyone. I feel refreshed and ready for what the summer holds for us in our home.


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