I am trying out another guest post today and I think you will be blessed by what you are about to read. It is short but cuts right to the point. The author is a good friend of mine who my wife and I worked with at the Baptist Children’s Home in Illinois. When Elisa and I moved to Virginia, Mischelle and her husband, Tim made the move as well. In doing so, we have continued to work together in this business of changing children’s lives.

Mischelle has a tremendous story that she would share if you asked her. However, here, she shares a little bit about a struggle in her life and how she overcomes it. Read on.


By Mischelle Tuley

FEAR — such a small word but one I have been thinking about for a bit now.

Tim and I recently took a trip to visit the Jamestown Settlement.There, I learned more about our first English settlement in America than I have ever known before. One of the statements made about the 1609-1610 “Starving Time” really hit me hard.

“The people hid in fear from the Native Americans and Spaniards to the point of starving”.

Some resorted to eating the leather from their shoes to stay alive among other really sad & horrible things. FEAR….

Just outside of the fort were fish, wild game (like turkey), and fresh water. FEAR kept them locked in the walls until help came to them (a crashed ship from Bermuda).

I think what if someone in the fort had taken the risk? What if they tried to make peace and figure out the misunderstandings between them and the Native Americans? Why not open the doors? I mean come on–you could die either way. Why? FEAR

I have been thinking about my life. Do I let fear control me to the point of starving myself? Starving myself from happiness, new experiences, or a closeness to God? Starving myself from things I don’t realize I need?


My prayer is that I continue to face my fears (I have had to face several in the last 2 months) and not just to live life in its fullness, but for God’s glory. To open the fort’s gate and let joy, peace, love, and the Spirit of God in. For I know that this is the ONLY way to overcome fear….through God and His power.


“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

2 Timothy 1:7

Hope you enjoyed it.

You know the drill…. Like it, share it, leave a comment. We (speaking for myself and Mischelle) would love to engage in conversation over this.

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