Time to Declutter

Do you ever look at your desk and just sigh about all of the things that you have let pile up?

It’s as if there simply is no place in the world for any of this stuff to sit than exactly where it has been placed but it also needs to be moved to a different location as quickly as possible. 

If you are anything like me, you spend a significant portion of your day sitting behind your desk. It might be at work. Maybe you are in your home office. Perhaps you are a pastor of a church or a college professor. Many of us have a workspace that houses a computer and a phone (which would be your essentials) among a plethora of items that neither belong there or add any productivity to your work day whatsoever.

I have good news.

Craig Jarrow, over at Time Management Ninja, has put together a list of ten items that you definately do not need at your desk that will get you well on your way to decluttering your work space.


While I encourage you to drop by his page and check this out, here is the easy version of the list:

  1. Papers
  2. Trash
  3. Business Cards
  4. Pens that Don’t Write
  5. Old Gadgets
  6. Books You Will Never Read
  7. Trinkets and Tchotchkes
  8. Snail Mail
  9. Duplicate Supplies
  10. Unused Items

His theory (and I agree) is that none of these items have any business occupying the space that you have created for work. Of course, if you read his post, you will get a better understanding as to why these ten items must go.

However, eliminate these ten items from your workspace and you will find that you are well on your way to being a more organized you.

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