Elisa and I sat down last night after everyone went to bed. We try to spend about an hour or so, every night, just relaxing together. The nature of our job requires us to be around children pretty much from the time we wake up until when they go to bed so what little time we can carve out after bedtime is so important for us.


Lately, we have been watching the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on Netflix. However, last night we just we not feeling in the mood for Bob’s “Happy Little Trees”. Don’t get me wrong, I am probably Mr. Ross’ #1 fan. However, last night just was not the night. Instead, we decided to watch this movie called “Hush”.

I had never heard of the movie. It just came out back in March of this year and was already on Netflix so I had my reservations.

Oh my gosh…. Great movie.

Without giving up any major plot points or twists, I will give you this much of a review.

The movie is about a deaf / mute woman who lives by herself out in the middle of nowhere. She is an author and is attempting to complete her second novel. One night, as she is sitting at her computer, a masked man arrives at her house and the rest of the movie deals with the concept of a woman who cannot hear defending herself from a man who is attempting to get into her house.

The movie only has 4 characters and was filmed on a $70,000 dollar budget. You might expect a movie with such a low budget to be crap. However, it currently has a 100% approval rating with, which is incredibly difficult to do. The original Star Wars trilogy fluxuates between 80% and 94%.

The movie is incredibly suspenseful without any over the top gore. However, there was one moment in the movie that Elisa and I both had to turn our eyes away from. That scene was difficult to watch.

If you like suspenseful movies, I would suggest giving this one a try.

Alright, like us, share us, comment below.

We are and we are out for now.

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