How To Write Great Content


I have never considered myself to be an exceptionally good writer. I love the idea of writing but often find myself without anything interesting to say. This is not a new thing. I have always wanted to write. I remember attempting to write a book when I was around 12 or 13 years old but simply could not get more than a couple of chapters before it started breaking down. 

My assumption was that you can simply sit down with a pad of paper and a book just happens. Actually, now that I think about it. My assumption about writing has not changed much in the past 27 years. Why is that I wonder? I think, since taking up this project, that my mind finally understands that putting words together into something that, not only makes sense, but also entertains is difficult work.

I am probably not alone in this. Have any of you ever thought about writing a book but simply did not know where to start with it? Have any of you considered blogging but did not feel like you had enough to say to keep it going? Have you ever thought you had something to say but were not entirely sure how to say it?


I was reading this article this morning that deals with composing high quality content. If you are in a position like me (someone who is curious about how to improve your writing skills), then this article is a definate read for you. I borrowed the content and the image from which is also an excellent resource for bloggers and writers in general.

Hope you enjoy it.

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