Shawn Johnson – 8 years later

I remember watching her perform in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Elisa and I watched the Olympics pretty closely that year as there were so many athletes that had such high expectations. However, on the American front, there were probably no two athletes who were being watched more closely than Johnson and Michael Phelps.

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Knowledge is Power

I feel like I am constantly reading. I used to spend more time in actual books but I think college burned me out on them. I remember taking books to work with me and reading over my lunch breaks. I always had a couple in my backpack just in case I needed something to do. […]

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Your opinion is needed….

Hey everyone. Real quickly, I have nothing to say here. I just need your opinions and I thought I could get them through this real nifty poll that I have embeded below. Here’s the deal. Most blogs, at least the succesful ones, kind of have an idea about where they are going. You can look […]

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Overcoming my fears

Back in April, I posted some content titled, “What are you afraid of?“. My purpose there was to unpack the idea that, deep down, everyone has something that brings them fear. For many, those fears are based in experiences or at least in stories that they have heard from others that trigger the fear. Some […]

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50 Posts

50 Posts…. I sat down today to post on financial opportunities unaware that I was at this milestone. When I started this blog earlier this year, I was not sure if I even had enough to say to make it to 25 posts, yet here I am. For you, the reader, I hope that this […]

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Need Extra Cash???

Who doesn’t right? If you have bills to pay, extra cash comes in handy. Even if you don’t have bills to pay, extra cash can be applied to investment or to a savings account. The problem comes when you do not know where to find this cash. Thanks to the wonderful people over at The […]

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