An empty house is a quiet house

Okay. I will preface this post with a description of my job for those of you who do not know much about what I do.

For the past 6+ years, my wife Elisa and I have worked in a group home setting taking care of teenage boys. It is similar to foster care except we work for an agency that directs us in the care that we provide. We started out doing this work for Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services in Carmi, IL. However, in April, we moved to Virginia to work for Patrick Henry Family ServicesContinue reading “An empty house is a quiet house”

Knowledge is Power

I feel like I am constantly reading. I used to spend more time in actual books but I think college burned me out on them. I remember taking books to work with me and reading over my lunch breaks. I always had a couple in my backpack just in case I needed something to do. Now, I spend two to three hours a day consuming online material.

Now, this is not a bad thing to read so much. Our brains require it to develop. They function similar to our muscles. They only grow when we work them out. However, much like a lifter who focuses only on his glory muscles, we can get locked into digesting only one particular type of literature. Continue reading “Knowledge is Power”

Your opinion is needed….

Hey everyone. Real quickly, I have nothing to say here. I just need your opinions and I thought I could get them through this real nifty poll that I have embeded below. Here’s the deal. Most blogs, at least the succesful ones, kind of have an idea about where they are going. You can look at the content and zero in pretty quickly on what it is that makes the author tick. For me, I want to provide content that helps people get along better at life. However, I want to know what you like. Continue reading “Your opinion is needed….”

Overcoming my fears

Back in April, I posted some content titled, “What are you afraid of?“. My purpose there was to unpack the idea that, deep down, everyone has something that brings them fear. For many, those fears are based in experiences or at least in stories that they have heard from others that trigger the fear. Some people will spend their entire lives dwelling in fears that have no basis whatsoever. Regardless, one goal that we all should have in common is finding ways to overcome these fears. Continue reading “Overcoming my fears”

50 Posts

50 Posts….

I sat down today to post on financial opportunities unaware that I was at this milestone. When I started this blog earlier this year, I was not sure if I even had enough to say to make it to 25 posts, yet here I am. For you, the reader, I hope that this journey has been beneficial and I am thankful for every click and share that I have received from you. You have heard the question, “If a tree falls in the middle of the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it actually make a sound?” The same can be said about a blog. Continue reading “50 Posts”

Make lemonade

I cannot think of many things that an adult has to do that is less exciting than making a trip to the DMV. Yet, that is exactly where I found myself today. I have lived in Virginia for three months now and to this point, I have still been driving on my Illinois license. Now, this is not due to procrastinating or anything like that. I have actually made two other attempts to get my license prior to today but the ironclad process of Virginia licensing prevented me from slipping through their fingers. Continue reading “Make lemonade”

Improve your chances

Hey. Yesterday, I wrote about an article that I stumbled across on and how it encouraged me to make a strong move career-wise by going back to school. I wanted to build on that today by looking at another article that I have discovered at that deals with marketable skills for the workplace.

This article deals with a handful (10 to be exact) of different skill sets that a person can learn and add to their wealth of knowledge. However, these particular skills also increase a person’s marketability and chances of getting that dream job.  Continue reading “Improve your chances”

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