Set your filter….

There is really a never-ending list of habits that we can develop over life that pay us back in the long run. We should all be investing money for our future. It really is not debatable that we should be living a more frugal lifestyle. Healthy living is a must even if it is incredibly (seemingly) difficult. However, I have trouble settling on anything more productive than the filters that we can put in place in our lives that allow us to begin pursuing these things.

The obvious one, and the one that actually gets the filter label the most, is that of the mouth. Think about it. How many times have you let something come out of your mouth that you immediately regretted saying? Many of us do it on a daily basis. You might possibly be one of those people as well. What can we learn together here?

However, it does not stop with our mouths. We should be putting filters in place for our senses as well. What do we take in visually? What are we listening to? How productive are our habits?

Now, there is a Biblical lesson that could definitely be delved deeper into. However, just from a social standpoint, here are a some filters that we can apply to ourselves that should immediately improve our own health and the relationships we maintain with those around us.

  1. Watch what goes into your mouth. Maybe it’s food (tough one for me) or maybe it’s alcohol or any other form of drug. Maybe it’s just medicine that is not necessary (do not read into this. I am not one of those guys who thinks you shouldn’t use medication). There is a constant stream of things that we put into our system through our mouths and they are not all good for us. By keeping a closer eye on what we take into our bodies, we can definitely improve the quality of life that we experience.
  2. Be careful what you watch and listen to. This is an age-old argument that, honestly, comes off like beating a dead horse if you are on the other side of the argument. However, there is much truth to the saying, “garbage in – garbage out”. We should be honest and identify what is truly beneficial for our senses and our minds to be taking in and eliminate the rest. I get onto the boys in my house who insist on listening to music that glorifies drugs and violence while objectifying women. To me, this seems like a no-brainer – not good for your minds. Can we take it even further? What can we watch and listen to that will actually improve the quality of our life? Shouldn’t we be seeking those things out?
  3. Be careful of how you spend your time. We only get so much of it but how much of our time do we waste on a daily basis? It is an non-renewable resource. Once it is spent, you never get it back. Something that I have done that I would suggest is that you set some concrete goals early in life. Then, begin structuring your days to move toward those goals. Does that mean that you cannot have lazy days in front of the television or an hour or two for a nap in the afternoons? Not at all. I am just suggesting that we should all be living our life more deliberately so that we do not look back on our life and wonder what happened to our time.
  4. Lock down on what you believe spiritually. There are way to many people who float around different spiritual beliefs or find no spiritual bearings whatsoever. I think this goes hand in hand with #3 in that we only have so much time to lock this one down. Granted, there will be a different level of importance placed on this particular filter based on what you perceive to be true. As for me and my house, we have chosen to follow Jesus who is the Messiah. I know this is a polarizing statement. However, the quicker that we all come to terms with what we believe spiritually, the quicker we can begin building upon that.
  5. Be careful what you say. The tongue is a dangerous weapon that absolutely must be kept in check. One of your strongest filters must be placed here. I often hear people make comments about how, “so and so just has not filter. They just say whatever comes to mind.” This is not a good thing. I think some people pride themselves on having the freedom to just say whatever they want without any care to how it effects everyone around them. I worry about people like this. We must keep our tongues in check. A good friend of mine, Scott Kiser, recently dropped this on me and I think it definitely applies here. If we practiced these resolutions instead of letting our mouths run free, many of the world’s problems could be solved.
  6. Be a person that avoids drama. Elisa and I have always found it interesting that there are some people who seem to always be caught up in some kind of drama. It is almost like a hobby for them. If their not stirring up problems for themselves then they are jumping feet first into someone else’s problems. This is incredibly unhealthy. You have to get away from that stuff. Anything that provokes your negative emotions such as envy and jealousy needs to go. Do not get drawn into other people’s problems. The world has enough gossips without you being involved. Set that filter and stick to it.
  7. Watch who you spend your time with. I read one time (I would give the person credit here if I could remember where I read it. Please do not sue me.) that every person is a composite of the five people they spend the most time around. So, think about it. Who are the five people that you spend the most time around? Are those people positive influences? Are they helping you achieve the goals that you set for yourself? Are they creating an environment where you can thrive as a person? Granted, life is not all about you. However, this filter is super important in helping you to achieve your life goals. Without a network of positive people around you on a daily basis, you are limiting who you can really be.

So, there are seven areas of your life that can be improved upon immediately. With that said, how does this affect you? Are any of these areas of your life that you struggle with? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to talk with you more about this.

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