Kill Devil Hills

A little over 24 hours from now, I will be loading up in the van and getting on the road for Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. It’s beach time…..

Every year, Patrick Henry Boys & Girls home sends it’s residents and house parents on a beach trip to the Outer Banks for a week long getaway. Relax…. Enjoy…. I have never seen the ocean (unless you count the Gulf of Mexico, which my brother in law does not) and I am pretty excited about the trip.

Sydney has been sitting down here in my office grilling me about the details of the trip for the past half hour so I think it is safe to say that I am not the only one who is excited either.

We will be there for four days with a pretty open schedule. One of our staff is taking care of all of our meals so we will not be required to cook while we are there. That is a huge blessing of course. Exciting times. I have been trying not to build a schedule before the trip but instead, just take it in as it happens.

However, here are some things that I think sound fun in the area. Maybe we can get a couple of them in while we are there.

  1. Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf (across the road from our cabin)
  2. Wright Brother Memorial
  3. Bodie Lighthouse
  4. Jockey’s Ridge State Park

If you and I are facebook friends, be warned, there will be pictures involved.



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