Find an area to improve

On Monday, I came across this article on about the appropriate response to being turned down for a job. Little did I know just how influential this article would be to me when I read it.

On Tuesday, I had a conversation with my boss about a job that was available at my place of employ that I was interested in applying for. Turns out, I do not qualify. Hey, no biggie. I love my job so not being in a position to advance at this particular moment is definitely not the end of the world.

However, what is next?

The author of the article, Patrick Allen, says that,

“The rejection of being turned down for a job hurts, and it can send you into a frenzy wondering what you did wrong. Instead of losing sleep over all the little things, pick just one that might increase your chances of landing the job next time and work on it.”

What a profound thought. Improve one thing. Rejection does not require a complete makeover. Especially in my situation. There is something about me that impressed my employers enough to hire me initially. I am not a failure. I just did not qualify. Allen says, pick one thing that might increase my chances of landing the job next time and work on it.

What one thing is keeping me from moving into the position that I am eyeing. I need more education. Alright, done. I contacted Liberty University today to register for the fall. Two years from now, I will have my Master’s Degree.

I love Allen’s advice. Fix one thing at a time. This applies to more than just the workplace doesn’t it. Having trouble with your marriage. Find one thing that you can both work on and start on it. Having trouble connecting with your kids. Find one thing that they enjoy doing with you and tackle it. This works across the board.

Alright, here’s your to-do-list.

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