There’s no place like home

First off, if any of you are looking for possible destinations for vacation this year and just cannot seem to settle on one location, I have the answer.


We just got home last night from a four and a half day trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I must say that it was one of the best vacations I have ever had. There is so much to do there. So much to see…..

We spent countless hours swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. We explored the island that Blackbeard the Pirate died on. We climbed to the top of a lighthouse that was once used by the Confederate Soldiers to guide troops and ships. We visited the Roanoke Island museum where we learned about the colony that just disappeared. We pet stingrays and sharks.

However, all vacations come to an end. We got home last night around midnight and hauled our belongings into the house. The kids quickly finished up their nightly routine before heading off to bed. I finished up my shift notes in the office and made my way up to the bedroom. Vacations can be exhausting. How crazy is that? So much fun can make you so tired.

I never sleep well when I am not at home. Every night, while we were at the beach, I would lay in bed for an hour or more before I would finally drift off to sleep. Last night, I barely even remember hitting the pillow….

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