Improve your chances

Hey. Yesterday, I wrote about an article that I stumbled across on and how it encouraged me to make a strong move career-wise by going back to school. I wanted to build on that today by looking at another article that I have discovered at that deals with marketable skills for the workplace.

This article deals with a handful (10 to be exact) of different skill sets that a person can learn and add to their wealth of knowledge. However, these particular skills also increase a person’s marketability and chances of getting that dream job. 

The quick list of these skills are below but I would encourage you to go read Trent Hamm’s work for a more detailed breakdown of the skills.

  1. SAS (Statistical Analysis System) – 6.1% Premium
  2. Data Mining / Data Warehousing – 5.1% Premium
  3. Search Engine Marketing – 5.0% Premium
  4. Data Modeling – 5.0% Premium
  5. Contract Negotiation – 5.0% Premium
  6. Software Development – 4.9% Premium
  7. Strategic Project Management – 4.4% Premium
  8. Strategic Planning – 4.3% Premium
  9. Technical Sales – 4.3% Premium
  10. Customer Service Metrics – 4.3% Premium

Why is this important, you may ask? Each one of these skills will potentially increase your salary base by the percentage listed behind it. That doesn’t look like much. However, consider that most companies offer 2 to 3% raises annually and these skills become the equivalent of two years worth of raises.

In the article, Hamm states that,

“In the end, it’s all about taking that next step in your career path so that your earnings and opportunities go up and up and up. These skills are an investment of time and money; they just happen to be ones that seem to have a great opportunity to earn a nice return on your investment.”

So, go get it. Improve your chances.


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