Make lemonade

I cannot think of many things that an adult has to do that is less exciting than making a trip to the DMV. Yet, that is exactly where I found myself today. I have lived in Virginia for three months now and to this point, I have still been driving on my Illinois license. Now, this is not due to procrastinating or anything like that. I have actually made two other attempts to get my license prior to today but the ironclad process of Virginia licensing prevented me from slipping through their fingers.

Attempt #1: Shortly after moving to the Commonwealth of Virginia, Elisa and I went together to get our new license as well as our new plates. No problem for Elisa as she had all of the proper documentation. However, this guy could not produce a valid birth certificate and was shown the door (not really).

Attempt #2: After finally procuring what I believed to be the proper documentation needed to drive legally in Virginia, I made a second trip to the DMV. Surely, I would return home this day with feeling of freedom, knowing that the roads of Virginia were being driven by someone who had been approved to navigate said roads. NOPE! Despite having finally tracked down a legal birth certificate, I was still lacking the piece of paper that proved that I actually lived in the state. Apparently, an insurance card that was issued by my employer and mailed to my home does not qualify as proof of residence.

Attempt #3: And that brings us to today. Everything seemed perfect. Proof of residence…. Check. Proof of birth in America…. Check. Social Security Card…. Check. Let’s do this Virginia. Caleb and I made the trip over to Lynchburg. I should have noticed the full parking lot at the DMV. It should have occurred to me that there were never this many cars on either of the first two trips. When I walked into the building to find all of the seats taken and people standing against the walls waiting, it should have clicked in my brain, “Come back later…..” I was so happy to have all the correct papers that I simply did not care.

Two hours later, Caleb is asleep on my lap when I hear…… Next up…. A14 at counter #8. I thought this would never happen. I had convinced myself that we must have been passed over. A14 did not really exist.

I know.. I know… stop being so dramatic. It wasn’t really that bad. I am just in a funny mood. Oh, we really were there two hours though. However, I got that driver’s license now. And, not only did I get the license. I also got this gem of a picture…


That might possibly be the most glorious hairdo I have ever seen in my entire life. I love it.

Lesson learned. Make the best of every situation. Trying to sneak a picture of this lady’s hair with my phone took about five minutes and during that time, I didn’t even think about the wait.



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