50 Posts

50 Posts….

I sat down today to post on financial opportunities unaware that I was at this milestone. When I started this blog earlier this year, I was not sure if I even had enough to say to make it to 25 posts, yet here I am. For you, the reader, I hope that this journey has been beneficial and I am thankful for every click and share that I have received from you. You have heard the question, “If a tree falls in the middle of the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it actually make a sound?” The same can be said about a blog.

Without an audience, does the writer actually have anything to say.

So, it is through your willingness to visit this page that my online voice is given life. Thank you.

Before I get into my monumental blog posts, I have to address something awkward. I am not even the best author on my own blog. Last month, my wife made a guest appearance on the blog to write about her past experiences with rape in light of the Brock Turner story. To date, that post alone has outperformed any of my posts by more than 3X as many clicks. However, this is well deserved on her part as the article was amazing and incredibly well written. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to take time now to do so.

Now, I present to you my top three blogs…

  1. Diving In…. I am a little surprised that this has been my most succesful post. I wasn’t necessarily even planning the post when I started typing. I just wanted to get some thoughts out there and they just started falling together for me. What began as an attempt to gather thoughts became a rally cry for procrastinators and those who simply were too afraid to take a chance.
  2. Coming Home… I admit, the title here was deliberately sneaky. I knew that presenting this title might hook anyone who was looking forward to a return to Illinois from the Strange family. But, we were making a trip back to Illinois so the title was completely accurate. This post came about two weeks before Diving In and I feel like maybe I was in a good groove for writing at that time. Hopefully, I catch that again sometime soon as lately I have felt a little bit of a rut.
  3. I Lied About My Age… This post has been on the top of my list since I published it back in March. There is something fun about true stories. Especially when they are as ridiculous as this one. I have also heard that life is often stranger than fiction and some things simply cannot be made up. Good times.

And now, for the doozers.


Oh wait, what I meant was…. Now, for the doozies.

Some times you post up something and you are just sure that they will immediately find love. These three did not.

  1. What are you afraid of? I thought for certain that this post would resonate with people. We all have fears. Everyone is afraid of something. I just knew that this post would bring the world together in a way that had never before been achieved. We could all gather together, take up arms, and overcome our fears as a worldwide community. NOPE! This post had two views. One of them was probably my mother. The other was probably that person in Brazil who shows up from time to time.
  2. Improve Your Chances… Now, granted, I just posted this last week and my site has been acting a little funny. Those are the excuses that I have made for the lack of traffic on this post. I really feel like the content here is solid but, for whatever reason, only 3 people have happened upon it. The jury is still out with this one. It’s not original content as I borrowed the material from Trent Hamm. By the time I celebrate 100 posts, this could be off this list.
  3. Lessons learned from shortcuts taken. Five views in fifteen days is definately not lighting the world on fire. However, all the elements are there. It’s a short read. There is a TED talk embedded in the post. After all, who doesn’t like TED talks? I will be honest. I am super surprised that this post did not receive as much traffic as it did. Now, this is more because of the video than because of my content. It was that good. Check it out.

Alright, my next celebration will be at post #100. See you there.

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