Knowledge is Power

I feel like I am constantly reading. I used to spend more time in actual books but I think college burned me out on them. I remember taking books to work with me and reading over my lunch breaks. I always had a couple in my backpack just in case I needed something to do. Now, I spend two to three hours a day consuming online material.

Now, this is not a bad thing to read so much. Our brains require it to develop. They function similar to our muscles. They only grow when we work them out. However, much like a lifter who focuses only on his glory muscles, we can get locked into digesting only one particular type of literature. My grandma is this way. She reads so many romance novels. Every time I am at her house, there are a handful of them in her living room.

Locking ourselves into one literary genre is not the worst thing in the world because you are still reading, at least. But, a well rounded individual has a tendancy to branch out into multiple genres of literature. This is one thing that made the Bible such a strong teaching tool in our country’s early history. There were multiple genres of literature (history, poetry, prophecy, etc..) within it. Children could read from scripture and walk away with many literary skills that they might not gather from other texts.


I recently stumbled across Ryan Holiday’s blog page. The article that I found was his recommended reading list for people who want to improve their lives. Now, this article is not a list of self-help books per se. Instead, what we have is an extensive list of books from all different genres that span centuries of writing. You could say that this list is fairly exhaustive.

If you are like me and you are seeking out knowledge, check out this article. If anything, it will provide you with a shopping list for the next ten years of reading.

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