My baby boy

5 years ago today, Elisa and I woke up around 5 in the morning, loaded up in the car, and made a trip over to Evansville to prepare for our little boy to come into the world. I remember that day like it was yesterday (cliche?). Caleb’s birth was so much different than Sydney’s. She was a long process, something like 32 hours of labor. Caleb was scheduled. Caleb was easier. We just checked Elisa into the hospital and started preparing. Continue reading “My baby boy”

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Okay, I want to preface this post with three different thoughts.

  1. This post is reserved for the nerdiest of people. If you are looking for financial advice or a conversation about how to better your life, go ahead and back on out of this one.
  2. Star Wars is obviously better than Star Trek. I don’t know of anyone in the sane world who would even debate this.
  3. The last time I posted something Star Wars related, absolutely nobody clicked on it so this is possibly my last attempt at showing my ultra-nerdy side.

Continue reading “Star Wars vs. Star Trek”

The one where the kids got smarter

One thing that has always impressed me about my wife is the amount of time that she spends working with our kids. She literally spends hours every day on things that range from absolutely necessary (we home school and they have to learn) to unnecessary but very admirable (playing with Syd’s dolls). I don’t think I have hidden the fact that I think my wife is absolutely amazing and any of you who know here will definitely agree with me on this point. Continue reading “The one where the kids got smarter”

Hammocks, BBQ & Dave Ramsey

Okay. Here’s the story…..

About three or four years ago, while I was still living in Illinois, I went on a trip with some co-workers to Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the trip was to attend a Catalyst Conference. None of us had ever been before and were extremely excited to expand our knowledge a little over the weekend conference.

For those of you who are not familiar, the Catalyst is a leadership conference geared towards, but not exclusively for, young Christian leaders. The year that we went, some of the keynote speakers included Andy Stanley, Dave Ramsey, John Piper, Lecrae & Judah Smith. This years Catalyst is in October and looks to be incredibly impressive as well.  Continue reading “Hammocks, BBQ & Dave Ramsey”

Stranger Things

I just finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix last night and was very content with the ending of the 8 episode series. I had never even heard of this show until it appeared on my recommendations list a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who use Netflix, I would encourage you to sit down and watch this show. If you don’t have Netflix, this post has no value to you as it is exclusive to Netflix. Of course, this might be a good reason to subscribe. Continue reading “Stranger Things”

Lead By Example


My dad always used to say, “Do what I say, not what I do.” I remember as a child thinking that was kind of silly advice but not really understanding just how off-centered that line of thinking was exactly. At the time, it seemed like he just did not want me making the same decisions and mistakes in life that he had made. While this was the case, the bigger problem was something that I did not really pick up on until I was in my twenties. Continue reading “Lead By Example”

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