Stranger Things

I just finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix last night and was very content with the ending of the 8 episode series. I had never even heard of this show until it appeared on my recommendations list a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who use Netflix, I would encourage you to sit down and watch this show. If you don’t have Netflix, this post has no value to you as it is exclusive to Netflix. Of course, this might be a good reason to subscribe.

However, be prepared for some weird stuff and some foul language as this show has both. The premise of the show centers on a young boy named Will Byers who disappears while riding his bike home from his friends house one night. The following day, a girl with strange powers arrives in town. As the show unfolds, we come to realize that the girl is the key to locating Will. However, there is a creature looking for Will as well and the clock is ticking.

The show is set in the 80’s and has several nods to nostalgic 80’s cultural references. Two of the strongest references are the boys obsession with Dungeons and Dragons as well as the fact that they travel everywhere on bikes which nods to both ET and The Goonies. This show is easy to digest over a weekend as the entire first season (I think they intend to do more) is already available. However, I would encourage you to stretch it out a little bit more and enjoy it.

It is truly a unique viewing experience.

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