Hammocks, BBQ & Dave Ramsey

Okay. Here’s the story…..

About three or four years ago, while I was still living in Illinois, I went on a trip with some co-workers to Atlanta, Georgia. The purpose of the trip was to attend a Catalyst Conference. None of us had ever been before and were extremely excited to expand our knowledge a little over the weekend conference.

For those of you who are not familiar, the Catalyst is a leadership conference geared towards, but not exclusively for, young Christian leaders. The year that we went, some of the keynote speakers included Andy Stanley, Dave Ramsey, John Piper, Lecrae & Judah Smith. This years Catalyst is in October and looks to be incredibly impressive as well. 

However, that’s really not the point of this blog.

The story I want to tell is about the hammocks that they had outside of the building. Okay, it was the second day of the event. We had sat through some interesting but less than compelling seminars in the morning and the woman who was speaking at that moment just simply was not holding my attention (so much that I do not even remember her name).

It was about that time that I noticed my phone lighting up and saw that my wife was calling me from home. I thought, now is the perfect time to slip out of the arena and take this call. I waited until I got back out into the hallway before I called her back so that the noise level would be lower. There was a bit of a crisis going on at home but nothing that was out of control. She just wanted to catch me up to speed with it so that I would be ready when I got home. We talked about a few other things as I made my way down the hallway towards the front door.

All of the seminars took place inside of the auditorium. However, the hallways were lined with vendors. They ranged from book companies to ministry booths and everyone had something that they were giving away. As I passed the tables, I picked up three or four free books that were available. At this point, I was near the exit of the building and had ended the phone call. I considered going back in for a moment but remembered how little interest the speaker was generating, so I made my way on out the door.

Now, outside of the building, they had strung up some hammocks for people to relax in while they were outside. I saw one available over by the road and thought to myself, “I think I’ll just lay down for a bit and check out one of these books. I knew that Dave Ramsey was the next speaker and I badly wanted to hear what he had to say.

Next thing I know, I woke up in a crowd of people and I could smell BBQ.


Yeah, I fell asleep and slept straight through Dave Ramsey.

As I was gathering my senses, I realized that there were people crowded around me talking about Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty. Aparently, just before Dave Ramsey took the stage, Uncle Si was introduced as a special guest for the event and spoke for a moment. Great, not only did I sleep through Ramsey’s speach but I missed Uncle Si as well. And, why do I smell BBQ?

I sat up to realize that a BBQ vendor truck had pulled up to the side of the road near my hammock and a line of people had formed as they served lunch. Apparently, the line reached my location and then just went around me on both sides. Who knows how long they had been there? To my knowledge, nobody messed with me. They just kept walking around me to get to their lunch.

What can I say? This Strange Life……




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