Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Okay, I want to preface this post with three different thoughts.

  1. This post is reserved for the nerdiest of people. If you are looking for financial advice or a conversation about how to better your life, go ahead and back on out of this one.
  2. Star Wars is obviously better than Star Trek. I don’t know of anyone in the sane world who would even debate this.
  3. The last time I posted something Star Wars related, absolutely nobody clicked on it so this is possibly my last attempt at showing my ultra-nerdy side.

Now, with that said, I stumbled across this video the other day and thought I should probably share it. The outcome of the video (spoiler alert) comes out favorable to Star Trek fans though you can see that there is a fair amount of mockery on the part of Vader in the video as well.

Also, this video is really Star Trek vs. Darth Vader so the title is a little misleading. If Han Solo were involved in this confrontation, we would have seen a completely different video. I mean, come on, The Enterprise vs. The Falcon is a no contest.


So, check out this video. I found it on the SBS 2 Australia facebook page so I want to make sure they get the credit for this gem. Check them out too while you are here.

Now, with no further discussion on my part, enjoy….

Let me know what you think.

Star Wars?


Star Trek?

Comment below…



5 thoughts on “Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Add yours

    1. Yeah, I thought the video was pretty funny. It really isn’t Star Wars vs. Star Trek. It’s more Star Trek vs. Darth Vader.

      I just never really got into Star Trek. I don’t know. We were all about Star Wars growing up.


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