Don’t be this guy….

I have always loved sports, particularly baseball. I remember sitting on the front porch of my grandparents house, listening to the Cardinals with my grandpa when I was younger. I remember going to St. Louis and watching them play against the Reds for the first time when I was in eighth grade and was absolutely amazed at the the size of the stadium.

I remember watching the Mets and the Red Sox in the world series in 1986 when Bill Buckner let a ground ball slip between his legs, ultimately contributing to the Red Sox losing the series. I loved baseball so much. I primarily rooted for the Cardinals because everyone in my family, no scratch that, my town were Cardinals fans.

However, that all changed for me in 1987 when Andre Dawson came to Chicago. A lot of things played into me dropping the Cardinals and picking up the Cubs as my favorite team. I was still pretty young and the Cardinals games were always on too late for me to watch. The Cubs still did not have lights in their stadium so their games were always on right as I was getting home from school. But, the biggest thing that drew me to Chicago baseball was The Hawk out in right field. Try to run on him and see what happens. He would throw out runners trying to score from third with ease. He would hit home runs in bunches. He was the National League MVP despite the fact that his team finished in last place.

I was hooked. They have been my team ever since. I love it.

My love for baseball is something that I want to share with my kids as well. So far, they both claim an allegiance to their mother and the St. Louis Cardinals leaving me as the only Cubs fan in my home. And, that is perfectly fine with me.

Sydney has already shown an interest in sports but doesn’t care much for baseball. She will watch highlights of the games with me when she thinks it will get her a few more minutes out of her room at bedtime. However, her sport is soccer. She has been playing for four or five years now and really enjoys it a lot.

Caleb, on the other hand, has shown some interest in baseball and that is exciting to me. I want to go to games with him. I want to sit in the bleachers and watch his face as a home run ball carries itself over the wall. I want to spend stupid amounts of money on hot dogs and soda. Of course, that depends on how his interest develops.

I also would love for my kids to be involved in sports. I want to watch Sydney’s soccer games. I want to sit in the stands and cheer for Caleb in whatever he chooses to do. However, I do not want to be this guy…..

Credit is given to LaFilms for the video….

What is wrong with parents these days? What is going on in their minds when they decide that the best interest of their child is for them to be on the field acting like a fool? I remember when I was in high school, there was a guy who would go watch all of our home basketball games. He was the father of one of the guys on the team and he spent most of the game standing at the end of the bleachers yelling at the refs.

Guys, let’s not do this. I am pretty sure that, in the history of high school sports, there has never been a ref that has changed his mind on a call simply because a player’s dad cussed at him from the stands.

So, what sparked this thought today?

I was reading an article by Rachel Cruze about this very thing.

She tells us that…

We should support our kids on the field and on the court, and we should even be their biggest fans. But we cross the line when we start channeling that energy in negative ways toward other players, coaches and referees. And you know what? Our kids see that. If you yell at a referee, don’t be surprised if your kid yells at a referee eventually.

If you have even a small desire to see your children grow up to be responsible and respectful adults, you probably realize that your child will emulate what they see you do.

Do you want your kid yelling at authority figures?

Probably not so don’t do it yourself.

Don’t be that guy.

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