Help my friends adopt a child

I think one of the greatest things that a person can do in their lives is to provide for the care and wellbeing of a child. The majority of the population do that through their own children and that in itself, if done correctly, is an amazing blessing. However, there is a growing need for people to step in an provide for children that are not their own.

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Who are these people?

I grew up in a town of about 1,000 people and the idea of being a millionaire seemed like such an unachievable task. I always felt like I would be doing good if I could get a job that paid me $20K a year or so. Anything beyond that seemed a little silly. Millionaires were for Hollywood. They lived in cities or on their own private island somewhere. They definitely did not live across the road from me. Continue reading “Who are these people?”

What Is The Road To Success?

How do you measure success? I mean, I have my idea of what it means to be successful. Yours probably isn’t the same. There may be similarities but there will always be subtle (or maybe not so subtle) differences between what makes me feel successful and what makes you feel successful. Everyone takes a different road when it comes to winning at life. Continue reading “What Is The Road To Success?”

Easy there…. Step away from the Media!

Every Wednesday night at Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Home, we meet up at the gym for youth group. A typical night includes a meal, some organized games and a 20 minute Bible lesson at the end of the evening. During last night’s lesson, we were discussing how connected we are to society and how much that differs from any generation before us. Continue reading “Easy there…. Step away from the Media!”