Those bear attacks

I have lived out here in Virginia for almost 5 months now and have yet to see a bear. Everyone else sees them. I am constantly hearing stories from people that I work with about their bear encounters. Yet, I haven’t. A few weeks ago, a couple of guys that I work with were hunting for Pokemon and wandered up on a bear. They ran back to their vehicle and sped away, facebooking the adventure for everyone else to see. Meanwhile, no bears for me.

Everyone keeps telling me that I don’t really want to see a bear. They’re too dangerous. They will run right up to you and eat you. They will come right into your house while you’re asleep and devour your family (Okay, probably not.).

It’s not like I want to try to ride on a bear or even pet one. I just want to see one in the wild. I don’t think I will truly feel like I live in Virginia until this happens. Is it really too much to ask for a bear to just be standing out along the roadside the next time I drive to town? I don’t feel like it but, still no bear……

Anyways, I discovered this article on a couple of days ago and it reminded me that I still haven’t seen any bears. However, I thought I would share it up here today for all the people that I have met who seem to see them on a daily basis. Be careful. They will eat you.

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