Who would eat that?

Alright, so I have eaten a lot of weird things in my lifetime. Mostly that is a product of living in the home of a hunter who would kill practically anything in season and feed it to us without first warning us what it is.

Here’s the short list on some items that my father has fed us.

  • eel
  • snake
  • possum
  • raccoon
  • turtle (actually very good)

I am sure that there is more but it has been over twenty years now since I sat down at the table for one of his meals. Now, don’t get me wrong. Ed Strange was a fantastic cook. There were very few nights where I got up from dinner thinking that I had not gotten my moneys worth (I didn’t actually have to pay for my food.) out of my meal. For all of the short comings that my father had, the ability to put an amazing meal on the table was not one of them. There were times where he would just start throwing food into the crock pot at random and we would still end up with a fantastic meal.

Okay, you get the point.

Last week was the three year anniversary of his death. Dad and I had a pretty disconnected relationship, particularly towards the end of his life. I did not make the most of my opportunities to spend time with him but then there were also times when he wouldn’t even open his door. However, as the years are passing, my memories of dad are returning to the fonder side (not sure if that’s actually a word).

One thing that I will never forget about my dad is his affection for weird foods. He would sit and eat jalapeno peppers by themselves and a jar at a time. He loved things like animal brains and testicles. If you pickled it, he would eat it (eggs, feet, sausage). Yesterday, I saw something in the gas station that immediately made me think of him.


That’s right, pickled pig knuckles.

Absolutely disgusting.

Hey, comment below and let me know what kind of disgusting food you have tried.

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