Not done with trains yet?

My son used to be absolutely obssessed with trains, particularly those of the Thomas franchise. There was not a day that went by without getting out the train set, watching Thomas movies or making a trip to Wal Mart to look at the selection of Thomas trains that waited on the shelves just for him. 

Then, almost overnight, it was done. His interest began shifting to things like pirates and super heroes. His television time shifted from Thomas to Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He discovered LEGO games on the Xbox 360. He still has a Thomas the train blanket on his bed but everything else has shifted over to Super Heroes and Soldiers.

Then this happened….


Elisa and Sydney had gone on a road trip back to Illinois to visit friends. This left Caleb and I at home for the weekend. The first day they were gone, we took a trip over to Lynchburg for the day. The main purpose of our trip was for FunQuest. However, we got there way too early and had a few hours to burn before it opened.

So, we took a trip over to Toys R Us to burn time. There were so many toys there that are part of his current interest. Yet, he found this train set and we stayed here for probably 45 minutes. It was nice. My boy is growing but this reminds me that he is still a tiny little boy as well.

Hey… comment below, what old toys did your kids play with?

Like and share….

I’m out.

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