What Is The Road To Success?

How do you measure success? I mean, I have my idea of what it means to be successful. Yours probably isn’t the same. There may be similarities but there will always be subtle (or maybe not so subtle) differences between what makes me feel successful and what makes you feel successful. Everyone takes a different road when it comes to winning at life. Actually, I guess I should not even say that. There are many people in the world who would say they do not even feel like they are winning. I guess it is possible to say that some people have not even chosen that road yet.

So, that begs the question… where do we start?

What a person really needs to do is begin with some serious thought. What would I have to accomplish in life to really feel like I am winning? Do I need to be extremely wealthy? Do I need to have fifteen kids? Do I need to own an island? What is the goal?

Personally, I feel like a successful man is one who is living beyond his next paycheck. It is that guy who’s children’s needs are being met. A successful dude is taking care of the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of his wife. If I am meeting these goals, I am winning at life.

Of course, this spawns a whole list of questions and thoughts.

What are my children’s greatest needs?

How much money should be set aside to live comfortably?

What are the emotional needs of my wife?


The road to success is not cut and dry. Is it good enough to provide a paycheck for my family if my children are never getting quality time from me? Should I spend all my time with my family and rely on someone else to take care of my financial needs? There must be a balance between all of these things.

Jesse Torres provides us with 10 steps to achieving success in life. They are

Set Goals

Don’t Fear Failure

Take Risks

Don’t Stop Learning

Do Not Settle

Live a Balanced Life

Seek a Mentor

Shut Up and Listen


Carry a Notebook

I encourage you to click on the link and read his article for a full explanation of each of these steps as his brain does this much more justice than my own. However, just looking at this list, you can probably see some things that you do well with and some that are struggles. All of us can claim that since we are all continuing on this road.

Regardless, everything on this list has something in common. They are all a part of moving us forward to a more successful life. Some of them are obvious. Of course, we should set goals. Who can succeed in life without them? Obviously, we should take risks. Sitting on our laurels will get us nowhere in life. However, some of these are not so obvious. How about carrying a notebook? What purpose does that serve? Think for a second about the number of times that you have a great idea while you are in the middle of something else. How many times has that idea vanished from your memory before you have a chance to implement it? Write these things down. Revisit them when the next morning when your mind is fresh.

How about seeking a mentor? How many of us take the time to seek out the advice of another person? Shut up and listen goes hand in hand with this. Part of winning at life is stopping to listen to someone who has been there.

Networking has become a huge part of my routine lately. A few years ago, I began to grow disinterested with the idea of the routine of life and started desiring new growth. I started looking at investment strategies with an eye for money marketing. I started reading up on the blogging community with the thoughts of doing some writing. This is incredibly difficult when you are disconnected. Finding a network of like-minded individuals is necessary to move you along towards your goals. In today’s global society, this is more viable than ever before. I am currently connected to at least four social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Instagram) while dabbling with a handful of others. Within these networks, I have discovered multiple people and groups that share my same interests.

So, each of us has goals and dreams. That is perfectly fine. Each of us has responsibilities based upon the decisions that we have made. That is also perfectly fine. Succeeding at life is when we find the balance between the two. When you can stay on top of those things that you are responsible for while pushing yourself towards the goals you have set, you are winning.

Hey. Let me know what you think here. Are you on that road towards success? Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts here? Is there something you would like to share that could add value to the conversation? Comment below. Your opinion improves our lives.

As always, like and share.

This work will only travel as far as you are willing to carry it.

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