Help my friends adopt a child

I think one of the greatest things that a person can do in their lives is to provide for the care and wellbeing of a child. The majority of the population do that through their own children and that in itself, if done correctly, is an amazing blessing. However, there is a growing need for people to step in an provide for children that are not their own.

In the line of work that my wife and I do (we are house parents at a group home facility), we see many children that are falling through the cracks in life. In seven years as house parents, we have housed over seventy kids for reasons that vary from neglect to truancy to abuse. Not every parent that has brought their kids to us have been neglectful. Many of them are wonderful parents who have just lost control of their homes and are looking for help.

Regardless, there is a great need for families to step forward and take on the role as caregivers for these children whether its long term or just for a short period of time. Some will fill this role by serving as foster care families. One initiative that Patrick Henry Family Services in Brookneal, VA and Baptist Children’s Home in Carmi, IL have taken is to train and provide care through Safe Families. This is a ministry that places the responsibility of the foster care system back on the shoulders of the church.

Even beyond this, some people will choose to adopt. What an amazing decision. For those of us who are parents, we understand the role that we have but we did not choose a child that was previously parent-less to be our own. For an adopted child, they can live knowing that their adoptive parents have chosen them over all others.

I have a couple of friends, Nick & Bambi Durham who are currently going through this process with a little boy that is in our agency. To protect his privacy, I will not include his name but his story is amazing. Nick and Bambi have provided him with love and stability that he simply was not going to receive otherwise.

They are currently attempting to raise the funds to adopt this little guy and have created a GoFundMe account. For those of you who might not be familiar, GoFundMe is an online crowdfunding platform for raising money. It can be used for any avenue of fundraising within legal limits but what better way to use your extra money than by funding the adoption of a child.

So, click on the link provided. Many people are giving $20 so if you have some finances that you could cut loose and send their way, I implore you to do so. If you are not in a position to support them at this time, you can still help them by sharing their page on your facebook page and twitter feed. You can also share this blog post which would help them and me as well.


God bless and have a great evening.

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