Vacay on the cheap

This post is a little nostalgic as I will be writing about a trip that I took back when I was still an Illinoisian. We went on this little weekend long trip over to Indianapolis, Indiana with my mom and stepdad. You know, Indy is not really a place that you think about when you are putting together a list of vacation destinations. That is unless you are a Colts fan. Oh my gosh, they were everywhere. 

However, there was quite a bit there for us to check out including a pretty decent zoo and a children’s museum that was very neat. Lesson learned: There are a lot of lesser known places that make for incredible vacation destinations.


I was reading an article on (I love this site by the way. It’s probably in my top five) this morning that made me think of the trip. The author, Kristin Wong, writes about vacationing in smaller, less touristy cities in order to get more for your dollar on your vacation.

It was an excellent read and sparked a lot of thoughts about ways to cut down on vacation expenses in general. Man, they are so expensive. The kids want to go to New York City sometime soon but everyone I have talked to said the lodging and food will kill our budget.

Anyways, give this article a read. It will be beneficial for you, particularly if you like to travel and are needing to keep it within a budget.

Also, leave me a comment about a place that you traveled to that fit in the low-budget trip category. What decisions did you have to make to stay within your budget for the trip while still enjoying yourself?

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