Trimming Your Spending – Transportation

I have been a big fan of The Simple Dollar for a couple of years now. If you are looking for a way to cut back spending or tweak your budget to fit in more savings, Trent Hamm is your guy. It would be great if we all had piles of money that we could plug into the stock market but the truth is that most of us are getting by on a week by week paycheck with little room to maneuver. That is where Hamm’s people come in.

This week, he put up an article that takes a look at trimming back on transportation expenses that I think is worth your time to read. The amount of money that America spends every year just simply getting from Point A to Point B is staggering (close to 10,000 a year per family). Hamm presents us with 19 ways to cut back on the amount that we spend on transportation. I will list them all below but encourage you to click on the link to the article and consume it all yourself. There is a lot of information there.

Hamm’s tips for cutting back on transportation costs:

Take public transportation to and from work

Organize a carpool

Walk or bicycle to work, especially when the weather is nice

Optimize the route you regularly take to and from work

Drive efficiently

Turn off the engine when waiting more than a few seconds

Keep your tires properly inflated

Use the discount card associated with your local gas station chain of choice

Buy gas on the “smart” side of state lines

Shop around for car maintenance and repairs

Do basic maintenance and repairs yourself

When a car is paid off, keep making “car payments” to a savings account

Drive your current car until mechanical issues begin to mount rather than quickly getting a “new” car

Buy late-model used cars with good fuel efficiency from reliable manufacturers

Reduce your family’s total car count by one

Evaluate many modes of transportation for longer trips

Be flexible in terms of flying

Pack a smart carry-on bag

Consider other means for taking extra luggage home

Hamm tells us that, “your overall goal is to cut back hard on the areas of life that are less important to you – the shallows – so that you can afford the “deep” areas of your life both today and tomorrow.

Let me know what you think.

Are there ways that you cut back on your transportation spending that is not listed here?

Also, as always, share us with your friends.

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