What places do you plan to see?

For the past four or five years, Elisa and I have been able to set aside time for at least two vacation / road trips per year. This has been a huge deal for us as neither of us came out of a family that did much traveling. My family would head over to St. Louis every once in a while to visit with my aunts but that was really about it. My senior year, we took a class trip to Orlando, Florida and that was the first time that I had really left Illinois / Missouri in my life.

We wanted that to change for our family. We wanted out kids to be able to say that they got to see some things in their childhood. We homeschool so we have a more flexible schedule and our job also provides us with 3 to 4 days off in a row when we are not on duty. This is really perfect for a wanderlust who is not content to stay home.

We have been married now for almost 11 years (January 28th) and we love to travel. In eleven years of marriage, we have been to….

  1. Baton Rouge, Louisianna
  2. Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg, Tennessee
  3. Tampa, Florida
  4. Caladesi Island
  5. Clearwater, Florida
  6. French Lick, Indiana (twice)
  7. St. Louis, Missouri
  8. Springfield, Illinois
  9. Chicago, Illinois
  10. Santa Claus, Indiana
  11. Indianapolis, Indiana
  12. Louisville, Kentucky
  13. Atlanta, Georgia
  14. Corpus Christi, Texas
  15. Padre Islands in the Gulf of Mexico
  16. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina (OBX)
  17. Ocracoke Island (OBX)
  18. Roanoke Island, North Carolina
  19. Charleston, West Virginia
  20. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  21. Sandbridge Beach, Virginia
  22. Roanoke, Virginia
  23. Feels like more but I cannot think of any others

As you can see, we have gotten a decent start on discovering America. However, my goal is bigger than this. Someday, hopefully soon, we will visit someplace outside of the US. I would love to see New Zealand.

Okay, anyways, I am getting lost from the point of this post. I was reading an article recently on Business Insider about alternative vacation spots that people tend to check out instead of the large, touristy spots. I was immediately drawn to this list as it contained potential vacation spots for my family.

Here is the list that they provided:

  1. Instead of South Florida Go to Cape San Blas

  2. Instead of Switzerland Go to Slovenia

  3. Instead of Cancun Go to Costa Maya

  4. Instead of Aspen Go to Taos

  5. Instead of Bora Bora Go to Boracay Island

  6. Instead of Los Angeles Go to Palm Springs

  7. Instead of New York City Go to Philadelphia

  8. Instead of Las Vegas Go to New Orleans

  9. Instead of Paris Go to Barcelona

  10. Instead of San Juan Go to Rincon, Puerto Rico

Sound fun? I think so. But, hey, this list really doesn’t do the article justice. Not only does it list the destinations but it also has pictures of the locations and a description of each. You should definitely go check it out.

However, in the meantime, scroll on down to the comment section of this blog and leave me a comment about some places that you have been and seen. I would love to swap travel stories with you.

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10 thoughts on “What places do you plan to see?

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  1. You need to check out Northern Cali–Red Forest (Muir Woods) is beauty beyond words could ever describe. Just a simple 2 hour drive north of San Fran is a whole new world. 🙂


  2. Alabama Arizona California(Los Angeles, San Diego,Coronada Island),Sanfrancisco,Oakland,) ,Chicago,Il,Indiana,Ohio,Pennsylvania,Connecticut,New York City,New Jersey, Maryland,Kentucky, Tennesee, Miami,Fla,Destin,Orlando,New Orleans,La,Biloxi,Mississippi,Houston,Tx,San Antonio,Tx,Missouri,North Carolina,West Virginia,Virginia, etc. Can’t think of them all,but wow what a blessing to think about the places one could travel,and some more than once!
    Many of the places I mentioned were visited with my wife and two wonderful daughters as they grew up:) mostly while was in my Insurance sales career with Family Heritage Ins. Co.
    Stay tuned my friend!


  3. Hi! Sounds like you have been to a lot of places! I think its great that you want your children to experience new places with you as well.
    This past year I have been to Paris, the Bahamas, and moved from Florida to North Carolina. As a native Floridian, I would encourage you to check out Sanibel Island next time your down. And the Great Smokey Mountains is a must- especially with kids!
    Check out my most recent post about my camping trip in the mountains- https://courtneylivin.wordpress.com/2016/10/23/blue-bear-mountain/


    1. Thanks for the heads up on those travel destinations. We got a chance to see the Smokey Mountains while we were in Gatlinburg and it was amazing.

      Sanibal Island sounds great. We were in Clearwater a few years ago and were able to get out onto an island but I forgot the name of it. Super fun though. Those islands tend to be a lot more private than just heading to the beach.

      I will definately check out the blog post. Camping in the mountains is on our list of things.



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