My Boss Got Mad

My boss (one of them) has her own blog and often puts up her opinions and observations about life in general but more specifically, things that trouble her. Yesterday was one of those days. She posted up a blog about the church’s negligence in regards to caring for children who are falling through the cracks.

I’m not going to go into the details about the post because, in all honesty, I cannot do her words justice. However, I wanted to link to it and encourage everyone here to check it out. Guys (and gals), there are some serious issues that we need to begin considering when it comes to the care given to children in our country and, as Claudia points out, most of the churches in our country are sitting idly by doing nothing.

She goes so far as to say,

Somehow we as a church have decided that this caring for the most vulnerable of children is no longer our responsibility. Somehow we have decided that the government can raise our children and in case you haven’t heard, they aren’t doing a very good job of it. I’m pretty sure Jesus is confused as to how we got to the point of thinking it wasn’t our problem.

I couldn’t agree more.

We do not have sit by while families fall apart. We do not have to watch children fall into a system that sets them up for failure and even abuse. We have a Biblical mandate to provide for orphans and children in need. Recently, some friends of mine decided to start the adoption process for a little boy that has made his way into their hearts. This gives us a tremendous example of a way that we can impact a life.

My wife and I work for a children’s home here in Virginia that takes in boys and girls who are falling through the cracks of life and the need is constant. Homes like this exist all over our country. There are children in all of our neighborhoods who need us to wake up and notice their needs.

HEY! Now, I’m getting fired up too.

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