Everybody Wants to Rule the World

I have been house parenting in group homes for a little over seven years now and have had something like 70 or so kids in my house during that time. Most of that time was spent at BCH in Illinois. However, this past April, we moved out to Virginia to continue this work with Patrick Henry Family Service. One thing that seems to be consistent with all of these boys is their dislike of authority. None of them want to recognize the authority over them. They have trouble with the police. They struggle with school administration. Nearly all of them struggle to recognize the authority of their parents. Continue reading “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”


Continue Your Education

One thing that I have begun to appreciate about the internet is the constant access that it give me to educational material. I am currently in Grad school through Liberty University which I can do entirely from home. However, what I am talking about here is not necessarily college from home as much as it is just continuing to learn as we go.  Continue reading “Continue Your Education”

Those 25 covers….

First off, I am a huge fan of music. Now, not just one genre of music but music in general. I can listen to country (sometimes). I can listen to rap. Sometimes I will even get Mozart going on youtube and relax to it. I also love incredibly hard rock. I love when the lead singer takes the mic and just screams into it. Just beneath the surface of me is this guy who wishes that I was on that stage myself.  Continue reading “Those 25 covers….”

Sharing an older part of me…

When I was in my twenties, I used to go to a ton of concerts. I loved them. I mean, you name a Christian artist that was popular (or even unpopular) that played in the late 90’s and I most likely got a chance to see them perform live. My absolute favorite live band is probably Skillet but there were so many great shows that it is hard to say.  Continue reading “Sharing an older part of me…”

College is not that easy…

Okay, so I finished up my Bachelor’s work shortly after arriving here in Virginia and rejoiced as I felt that my college career had finally come to a close. At the age of 40, I was well past the age when most people are writing term papers (at least traditional students) and I was ready to move on into whatever career choices that degree would allow for.  Continue reading “College is not that easy…”

Don’t Be A Fool

One of the biggest traps that people fall into as adults is the lure of a quick dollar. You know what I am talking about. There are millions of people out there who are getting sucked into this trap every single day and many of them are doing it willingly. There are the obvious ones like the lottery system and casinos. Every once in a while, you get a big winner from these systems but most of the time, you get taken. Continue reading “Don’t Be A Fool”