Don’t Be A Fool

One of the biggest traps that people fall into as adults is the lure of a quick dollar. You know what I am talking about. There are millions of people out there who are getting sucked into this trap every single day and many of them are doing it willingly. There are the obvious ones like the lottery system and casinos. Every once in a while, you get a big winner from these systems but most of the time, you get taken.

There are also some less than obvious ways to get taken as well. These are the ones that are actually a little more dangerous. Often times, they come off as legitimate opportunities. However, the only person who is going to gain from them is the guy that’s selling it.

Kristin Wong recently wrote about the most common money schemes that people still fall for in a post on Lifehacker. In the article, she unpacks five different ways that the average person is getting sucked into giving their money away and how to avoid them. I am going to list the five ways here as a reference but I definitely encourage you to click on the link provided so you can get a better idea of what is going on.

5 Ways That Your Money is Being Schemed out of Your Pockets

Fake Financial Advisors

Debt Consolidation

Paying For Your Credit Report

Payday Loans

Wealth Building Seminars

Here’s the deal. The more I read about finances, the more I have come to realize that there a really aren’t any quick fixes or secrets to success. These five are just quick examples of the multitude of ways that people are getting into your pockets. Trust me, there are many more. The best way to avoid these schemes??? Work as hard as you can to stay out of debt and put back your money into investment. (I make a few suggestions for investment options in this post and also in this post)

Be content with what you have and constantly remind yourself that you don’t necessarily have to keep up with anyone. Many of us simply live in denial about our finances and feel as if we have some standard that we must live up to regardless of the cost. Be aware of your financial standing but do not stress about it. Just take care of your family and live a good life.

Alright, thanks for dropping by everyone.

I would love to hear your feedback. Drop a comment here and let’s have a conversation about this. Maybe you have some experience here that can help us to improve our lives a bit.

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    1. I agree completely. Where I work, I have had a lot of teenage boys comment about how rich they are going to be when they grow up but they are all about shortcuts. I keep telling them that shortcuts won’t get them rich. However, I think that they do not believe me.


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