Something’s missing…

Do you ever have that feeling that something should be in place that is not there? You finish up a project but there is the feeling that you are not really done? Or, you reach a stopping point knowing full well what is needed but finding yourself without the means to finish the job? 

What do you do during these times? Do you give up or do you better equip yourself to continue on?

Do you give up and move on to something else? My father was the king of unfinished projects. There were so many things that were done halfway around our home. The porch needed re-done but we only got about halfway around the front of the house and quit. The back porch needed to be replaced but we didn’t get much further than taking the walls down. There was a massive wallpapering project that left the plaster exposed in many of the rooms of our house. Project after project that did not quite get completed.

And that was only the physical projects that were left incomplete.

Many times the deficit is not in our physical work but somewhere in the development of our thoughts and emotions. Many times, we simply give up on those things too. A relationship got too hard so it was let go. Marriage can get that way for many people so we have to work at it to keep it complete.

It is easier to let something go than to push through to completion…. At the root of this is fear. Our fear of failure often keeps us from pressing on.

Do you ever feel that way?

I wasn’t even sure what I was going to type about when I started this post. I just liked the photo that I featured. However, staring at that picture just brings up so many thoughts. What are the unfinished projects in your life?

Are they physical?

Is there some project in your house that you just haven’t completed?

Or is it mental?

Have you made some sort of promise that requires you to break through a glass ceiling in your life to achieve?

Personally, I feel like a lot of times, because our priorities in life are all out of whack, that the rest of life just follows suit. It is like, we would love to get all of these things done but have no idea where to start. There is definitely a way to get that in order. I also feel like the decisions that we make, particularly when it comes to completing what is in front of us will affect more than just ourselves. I look back at all the incomplete projects that we had at our house and wonder about the effects that my father’s lack of determination in regards to completing something had on me. We always have to be aware of the ripple effect, either good or bad, that our decisions have on others.

Anyways, let me know….

How do you motivate yourself to push through this and get things done in life?

Let’s discuss it. I think it might make it easier to find motivation if we do it together.

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