Continue Your Education

One thing that I have begun to appreciate about the internet is the constant access that it give me to educational material. I am currently in Grad school through Liberty University which I can do entirely from home. However, what I am talking about here is not necessarily college from home as much as it is just continuing to learn as we go. 

Many people have this mindset that there is nothing left to learn after our formal education is over. All the training that we will ever need for life was crammed into the first 18 to 24 years of our lives. From that point on, it’s easy sailing. However, anyone who actually participates actively in life knows better than this. We are always learning and constantly needing to pick up new tools. This is not just a job thing. It is a life thing.

That is what makes the internet such a useful tool. Between Youtube and TedTalks (or sites like these), you can spend hours out of your day learning new skills. But, it does not stop there. I read this article by Thomas Oppong on Medium that unpacks 62 different sites that provide educational value.

A few of these sites (, zidbits & quora),  I can vouch for as I use them on a daily / weekly basis. Many of the others, I am still checking out myself. However, you should pick a few of them this week and see if you learn anything.

Also, let’s discuss this below. Are there any educational sites that you use online that are not on this list?

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